Best 4G Security Camera For Your Family’s Safety (Updated 2020)

Do you want to protect your property and make sure your family is safe from unwanted intruders? Then a 4G security camera must be your #1 priority.

Why? Let us tell you.

Why Should You Get a 4G Security Camera?

Late-night hit and runs on your parked car while you sleep or intruding burglars trying to rob your home while you’re away are an all too common concern. Plus, you’re never too sure what mischief your kids or pets might get up to while you’re not home. All of these uncertainties are just unnecessary sources of stress no one deserves to have in their life.

This is why we recommend buying a 4G wireless security camera as opposed to a standard security camera. Traditional cameras typically have poor power consumption, are difficult to install, and are often ugly to look at. On the other hand, smart, 4G security cameras make use of cloud storage and provide real-time video feed, thus giving you the flexibility to check your premises whenever you like.

So, which 4G security camera should you get? There are so many choices available. Our team has hand-picked the four best cameras money can buy. These include:

#1: Reolink Go 4G LTE Mobile Security Camera

#2: Reolink Pan Tilt 3G/4G LTE Solar Battery Powered Camera

#3: Weitasi Security Camera Outdoor 3G/4G Cameras

#4: Tmezon Outdoor Solar Wireless Camera

Keep reading to know more about each of the top 4.

How We Ranked The Best 4G Security Cameras?

Our team took a close look at the individual needs of consumers and how each product would cater to different needs.

The features and price of each 4G wireless security camera were given a lot of importance. Any product that appeared more expensive than the value it offers or any camera that didn’t have the standard features was not included in the list.

Finally, we examined the product reviews on Amazon, saw the overall rating and stars the camera received, and if customer support helped people who left negative reviews. After going through all that, these are the four best options we could find.

#1: REOLINK Go 4G LTE Mobile Security Camera (Best Multi-Functional)

The best thing about the REOLINK Go 4G security camera is that it works anywhere, anytime.

It doesn’t matter if you have no Wi-Fi or no power. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a cabin in the woods, on a yacht at sea, or in an urban lodge. The REOLINK Go 4G will work literally anywhere you can mount it.

The standard pack comes with a 7800mAh rechargeable battery with a long-lasting runtime. You can easily charge the battery with any normal universal DC 5V 2A phone power adapter. If you’re looking for extra comfort and non-stop power, you can purchase REOLINK solar panel with this 4G security camera.

The REOLINK Go records video in 1080p resolution, which can be stored on the secure REOLINK cloud or a local SD card in FAT32 format. However, you should note that the REOLINK cloud storage service is not free and that you only get a 7-day free trial for it at purchase. You will have to pay to keep using it. But it is a minimal cost.

Other than that, the REOLINK Go has all the standard features too, such as a weatherproof exterior and multi-screen live streaming on the phone and desktop apps. This product seems to have great night vision video quality as compared to other options.

#2: REOLINK Pan Tilt 3G/4G LTE Solar Battery Powered Camera (Most Area Covered)

What makes the REOLINK Pan Tilt 4G security camera unique is that it rotates 355° horizontally and 140° vertically to ensure wide-range monitoring.

As long as you install it cleverly, the Pan Tilt camera can save you a load of money by covering the same area as two or even three cameras! Blind spots don’t exist in the REOLINK Pan Tilt’ dictionary. You can control the “pan and tilt” feature via the REOLINK app to keep watch on your property.

The camera features an advanced motion detection system that uses a passive infrared (PIR) sensor to detect all movement around your property. Whenever the camera detects a motion event, you’ll be notified immediately.

You also get a 2-way audio feature that allows you to talk and listen through a built-in mic and speaker from anywhere (as long as you have a smartphone). This feature makes it a great indoor 4G wireless camera to keep an eye on and talk to your kids or pets.

Just like the previous REOLINK 4G security camera, the cloud service is not free with this camera, and you will have to pay for it.

#3: WEITASI Security Camera Outdoor 3G/4G Cameras (Best Low Cost)

The WEITASI 4G LTE security camera is a great choice for people who want to get the job done reliably at an affordable price. It doesn’t have a lot of ratings on Amazon, but the ones that are there are very positive.

This 4G security camera can support up to 3 devices for video playback, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It also ensures 2-way communication through those devices and the device’s mic and speaker.

You can add a micro SD card to the camera to record video in high-quality 1080p. The manufacturer suggests that you use a 32GB micro SD card for the best results.

The camera conserves energy and storage by waking up when its advanced motion detection system detects a moving object. It will send you an instant push notification on the app as well, while the 75db alarm goes off from the camera to deter any intruders.

The app allows you to adjust the IR feature’s timing in the camera to control the sensitivity and time period of motion detection. This way, you can avoid any false alerts.

WEITASI also provides excellent customer service on their 4G security camera. Customers receive lifetime technical support and a 24-month long warranty guarantee. If users detect any fault or issue in the camera, they can contact WEITASI via email and expect a reply within 24 hours.

We also saw their team interacting with customer questions on the Amazon website, so we know that they don’t make empty promises.

#4: TMEZON Outdoor Solar Wireless Camera (Best Storage)

The most attractive part of the TMEZON 4G wireless security camera is that it gives you free cloud storage, unlike the other options on this list. The device can support up to 7 days of loop recording in both cloud storage and SD card storage.

It also comes with a solar panel attached and does not require you to purchase one separately to power the in-built 10400mAh battery. The camera is designed to save both data and power by staying asleep until the PIR motion detector detects an object passing through its range. The camera will only consume 2MB/day when asleep and around 150MB/hour for recording videos.

You will have to select an area that receives at least 3 to 5 hours of direct sunlight to allow ample charging of the battery every day. The manufacturer also recommends installing the camera at a height of 8 feet to get the best PIR range of detection.

The Ubell app allows you to get a live feed of your property via your smartphone. You can use the communication feature to talk to your family or ward off strangers when you aren’t home. The app supports around eight different users at a time.

The camera has excellent night-time vision video quality when compared to other options and a large viewing angle of around 160°.  

Summary: Best 4G Security Camera

Here’s a quick overview of everything we’ve said:

Our #1 recommendation the REOLINK Go 4G LTE is a versatile option that you can easily install anywhere you like. Be it in the woods, on a yacht, or in a modern home.

The REOLINK Pan Tilt 3G/4G LTE is unbeatable when it comes to the area covered thanks to its unique design. It can cover 355° horizontally and give you a full view.

If you are on a budget go with the WEITASI Security Camera Outdoor 3G/4G is the best choice for users who want an affordable and accessible option.

In a world where knowledge is power, don’t stay in the dark. Get a 4G security camera and keep a constant eye on your family and property.

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