Are Deadbolts Safe?

When you want to make your home safe, the obvious first step is to lock your doors. However, what type of lock for your doors is important. For example, your doors may have a spring bolt lock, or it could have a deadbolt.

A deadbolt locks the door and it doesn’t move unless someone has a key to rotate it. Compare that to the spring bolt lock, which will retract if a little force is applied. Is it worth getting? Let’s answer your questions about deadbolts, dead seriously.

What’s the point of a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt’s point is to lock your door and lock it more securely than a spring bolt lock. Locking your doors is an easy step to prevent some thieves from entering your home, or prevent someone nosy from entering your room. However, other locks can be easily picked if one knows what they are doing. A deadbolt lock can drastically reduce the chances of someone you don’t want to enter the house or a certain room. 

Is a Deadbolt the same as a Deadlock?

A deadlock in this context is simply another name for the deadbolt. Other names a deadbolt may be called include a deadlatch. Do not be confused by the names; they all mean the same thing.

Are they safer than other door locks?

A deadbolt is often compared with a spring bolt lock, so let’s look at the differences between the two of these.

A spring bolt lock has a locking mechanism that is inside the doorknob. Meanwhile, a deadbolt is under or above the knob. Chances are, you may have seen locks with both of them. The latch is more common, and it retracts when you turn the handle. The deadbolt goes deep inside your door, and it’s operated for a key or a keyless device.

Deadbolts are much harder to pick or break. The only advantage that a latch has is that it’s more automatic, while a deadbolt is manual. However, there are some smart locks that do have smart features, making the process more automatic.

Are Deadbolts harder to pick?

No lock is unpickable, but deadbolts can be much more difficult to pick. While you can find videos of people picking them, your average petty thief will have a harder time picking them.

Can you kick down a door with a Deadbolt?

Some thieves will be as quiet as possible. If a door requires force, they won’t enter. However, other people, especially if no one’s around, will try to kick the door down to get inside. Can a door with a deadbolt be kicked down?

First, it depends on what grade you have. A grade 3, which is the lowest, can resist some breaking in, but a couple of 75 pound hits or one 150 pound hit can break it down. So a thief who has a dumbbell that’s 75 pounds could break it down. It gives you protection, but not enough for some.

A grade 2 can handle 5 strikes of 75 pounds. It’s quite powerful and should deter most thieves. Wanna go stronger? Get a commercial grade deadbolt, the grade 1. It can handle 10 strikes of 75 pounds. For a burglar who is trying to kick your door down, they will have to try it over 100 times.

So while it’s possible, it’s unlikely, especially with the strongest grade, that a thief will kick it down.

Do they cost more than other door locks?

Not really. The cost to buy and install a deadbolt can depend on what you buy, with costs ranging from a hundred to two hundred dollars. For the price you pay, you get the best protection.

How do you make a Deadbolt as secure as possible?

There are several ways you can guarantee safety from a deadbolt. These include:

  • Buying the highest grade deadbolt you possibly can. A grade 1 bolt can prevent even the most persistent thieves from entering.
  • Improve your door frame through a strike box. This will replace the strike plates with your door with more advanced plates, giving it more reinforcement.
  • Change the keys to your lock, especially if your lock is older and the key isn’t complex at all.
  • Add a reinforcement plate as well, which will encase the bolt with even more protection.


A deadbolt is a worthy addition to any house. For one thing, it can give your home some much-needed security. A grade 1 bolt is tough to break and will deter even the most ambitious thieves. For another, the cost for one isn’t anything that’s super expensive. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars or anything on them. So we say to give the deadbolt a try.