The Absolute Best Automatic Gate Openers (2021 Reviews)

the best automatic gate openers for your homeDo you really need to use all your energy just to open your driveway gate every time you go in and out of the house?

If you’re like most of us, you’ll answer No. So, why not get an automatic gate opener? You know that having one will make your life easier.

The best automatic gate opener will give you ultimate security and convenience, thus giving you peace of mind.

But the question is: how will you find the perfect one?

Whether you’ve got a swing gate or a sliding gate, we’ve compiled this guide on the best automatic gate openers available in either category to help you pick the right product.

How We Assessed The Best Automatic Gate Openers

With so many automatic gate openers on the market, it’s very easy to get confused. We used a standard set of factors to judge each product on this list to allow us to separate the winners from the losers.

The most important thing we looked at were the features. The minimum requirement to be a part of this list was to have the basic features that every modern gate opener should have. This includes: automatic obstruction detection system, easy installation, and top-notch security.

Next, the price was evaluated. Every product on this list offers value for money, albeit some more than others. A product cannot be considered to be the best automatic gate opener if its value does not match its price.

We also considered what kind of customer support is offered by the companies, what consumers say online, and the lift capacity of the opener.

What Are The Best Sliding Automatic Gate Openers?

If you looking for a sliding gate at your home, we feel these three automatic gate openers will offer you the best value for your money.

#1: TOPENS CK700 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener (Best Value)

The CK700 is number one on our list of the best automatic gate openers, thanks to its perfect balance of price, features and reliability. The price is lower than the other two options on our list, while the CK700 also has the highest gate opening capacity.

It is known for its multiple applications. You can use this opener for gates made of any material, from standard steel to wood! It’s modern design also allows you to easily switch open and close directions.

This sliding gate opener is also the most powerful machine on our list. It is intended for heavy-duty sliding gates. It boasts a 300 Watts 2/5 HP AC motor that can operate gates that weigh around 1600 lbs and are 40 feet in length. A pure copper wire is used in the electric motor for ultimate performance and a long maintenance-free life.

Other than that, you get a complimentary Topens Care + Plan for after-sales service and support. You can get technical guidance and assistance from Topens ‘professionals’ for any issues you have with your sliding gate opener. You also get a free product exchange and return service for 30 days after purchase.

Furthermore, when you add DIY-friendly installation and adjustable opening modes to the list of features that this gate opener possesses, the CK700 seems like an irresistible product.

#2: Eagle 1000 FR 1/2 HP Sliding Gate Opener (Best Machine)

The Eagle 1000 FR is the most expensive sliding gate opener on our list, but it also has everything you could ever need, and more.

The ½ HP AC motor can quietly operate gates with a weight of up to 600 lbs and a maximum length of 27 feet. It’s a perfect choice for residential homes or for businesses that have smaller gates.

It’s an ideal machine for gates that have a lot of traffic flowing through them, thanks to its heavy-duty nature. Don’t be fooled by the ‘heavy-duty’ tag, though. It moves through its gears without any noise, so much so that you could hear a pin drop.

You get a full load of features and perks with this model, which you should expect considering the price. You get 1 Receiver, 2 Wireless Remotes with Eagle Monitor Photo Eye monitoring and boasts a powerful ½ horse power motor.

In case of power outages, this gate opener has foot pedal that allows you to open the door manually. You will also get a 5-year limited warranty if you install this top of the range model on a residential property.

Overall, it’s a brilliant option for residential and small business areas that will see a lot of traffic.

#3: BFT Sliding Gate Opener Kit (Best For Long Gates)

Having a long gate can be an issue when you are trying to buy the best automatic gate opener because most machines will only operate gates between 20 and 40 feet in length. This sliding gate opener is perfect for owners who have gates longer than 50 feet, as the BFT can handle doors up to 75 feet in length and 1100 lbs. in weight!

The Italian BFT gate opener is a great mid-priced choice for most residential properties thanks to its smooth and soundless operation. You also get a high level of customization with torque and speed control of the 24 VDC electric motor.

Its versatility and suitability for residential homes can be seen with a pedestrian access feature that opens the gate only a few feet.

An electronic anti squash device and automatic detection system are also available for your safety and security. The system will detect any obstruction in the gate’s path and reverse the operation if it detects something.

The BFT sliding automatic gate opener is also a durable machine that is able to operate in temperatures of -15° to +60° Celsius. So it can be a great choice if temperatures drop to subzero in your area or if you live through scorching heat in the summers.

What Are The Best Swing Automatic Gate Openers?

Swing gate openers have two variants: single swing gate openers or dual swing gate openers. Here are the three best automatic gate openers we could find for swing gates. We’ve provided two options for a single swing and one for a dual swing opener.

#1: Mighty Mule MM371 Single Swing Gate Opener (Best For Speed)

The MM371 is a perfect option for homeowners who are looking for speed and convenience in their swing gate opener. It will operate a gate with a maximum weight of 550 lbs and length of 16 feet at a speed that is 40% faster than its competitors.

It offers great value for money as it is the cheapest swing gate opener on our list. You can find the following components in the package:

  • QR CODE for Fast and Easy Loading (how to videos)
  • Mounting Hardware and Control Box
  • MM371 Gate Operator
  • AC Transformer
  • One 3 Button Remote with Visor Clip
  • DIY-friendly Instruction Manual

Make use of its ‘smart’ capabilities by purchasing the Mighty Mule Wireless Connectivity Kit that allows you to control your gate from anywhere using their smartphone app.

You can make use of solar power to charge your battery by purchasing the FM123 solar kit, which is sold separately.

You will have to provide a 12V battery yourself as there isn’t one included in the package. You will get a 12-month warranty and technical support from Mighty Mule with this swing gate opener.

#2: ALEKO GG-1300 Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener (Best Overall)

After extensive research, we found that this ALEKO dual swing gate opener with two 24V DC motors was the best in the market, thanks to its price, features, and power.

This dual swing gate opener will operate gates up to 20 feet in length and weighing up to 1300 lbs in total (both gates). Works on battery or solar power to help you operate your gate without any worries.

The ALEKO also features a soft start, soft stop function that maintains your gate’s integrity and doesn’t rattle the neighborhood, unlike some gate openers. You also get the standard feature of stop/reverse in case of obstruction through automatic detection.

It’s easy to install and there is no digging required. It is also durable, with weather resistant, UV resistant, and rust resistant qualities.

ALEKO has been selling gate openers since 2005, and this is their finest machine yet. We believe it is one of the best automatic gate openers for dual swing gates available in the market.

#3: Estate Swing E-S Allegiant (Best Single Swing Gate Opener)

Estate single swing automatic gate opener

The E-S Allegiant is a heavy-duty gate opener that can open gates that are 16 feet in length and a weight of 650 lbs at a maximum angle of 110 degrees.

Unlike the other two swing gate openers on our list, you get a 10 Watt Solar Panel with this opener. The panel is included in the package and you can use it to save electricity and efficiently operate the opener.

The gate brackets are customizable and can be used for both push-to-open or pull-to-open gates. The E-S Allegiant is also notorious for its safety and security capabilities. This Estate Swing model safety devices are set up on a normally closed circuit, making it virtually fail-safe. The opener will not work if the safety device does not activate, keeping you and your family safe.

Another handy feature is that the E-S Allegiant is shipped in its open position, as standard, to all customers. This means you can easily mount it in that position rather than spend hours trying to adjust the limit during setup.

The easy read digital display notifications feature shows you when the battery is sending power to the lock, when the gate is open, along with a counter while it’s closing and the current status. Features like this make it one of the most user-friendly options on our list.

How To Program The Estate Swing E-S Allegiant Gate Opener

Conclusion on the Best Automatic Gate Openers For 2020

The 3 sliding gate openers and 3 swing gate openers on our list above are the best on the market for residential homes and commercial buildings. If you’re still on the fence, here’s a summary of all the best automatic gate openers we reviewed in this article.

Sliding Automatic Gate Openers

#1 TOPENS CK700 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener: This product is the best option for most homeowners thanks to its price, features and quality.

#2 Eagle 1000 RF 1/2 HP: This brand and model has created its niche by specializing in operating small gates that face heavy traffic. Hence, it is perfect for residential homes and commercial buildings.

#3 BFT Gate Opener Kit: If your sliding gate is longer than 50 feet, this gate opener will be your best bet.

Swing Automatic Gate Openers

#1 Mighty Mule MM371: If you’re on a tight budget and want a machine that will open and close your gate quickly and reliably without any hassle. There isn’t any better swing gate than the Mighty Mule on the market.

#2 Aleco Opener for Dual Swing Gates: If you more interested in a dual swing gate, this is the perfect automatic gate opener if your looking for an opener that is weather resistant, rust resistant, and UV resistant.

#3 Estate Swing E-S Allegiant: If you have a more generous budget, go with this automatic single swing gate opener which has every feature you could ever need.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our review of the 5 best Apollo swing gate openers for some more options. Apollo is one of the most trusted names and well established worldwide brands.

You also might be interested in our review on the best sliding gate openers where we review the top 5 and also the best 5 under $200.

That’s it! These are the best automatic gate openers that our extensive research could find. So, go out there and get Sliding! Or Swinging.