The Best Baby Monitor For Two Rooms (2021 Review)

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you can buy when looking to take care of your little one is the baby monitor.

Of course, no one can expect you to be on your toes and have eyes everywhere, so it goes without saying that you need to invest in the best baby monitor for their protection.

However, what if you have 2 babies to look after?

For that, you’ll need the best baby monitor for two rooms. Whether you need to watch them while you do your chores or simply need a good night’s sleep, knowing that they are safe, 2-way baby monitors can be just what you need for your peace of mind.

In a hurry?

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Here, we’ll review some of the best 2 camera baby monitors to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your baby’s safety. So, let’s begin!

How We Selected Our Lineup for the Best Baby Monitor For Two Rooms

If you simply Google for reviews, you can find a number of 2 camera baby monitor reviews out there today, and an equally large number of products on the market. But we believe that there’s an important question that remains unanswered in many of those reviews; how we’re the best ones selected? What was the sorting criteria?

We understand that you only want the best for your child and therefore have done the hard work for you. When reviewing each baby monitor for 2 rooms, we made a point of keeping the following points in mind before making a decision.

  • Customer reviews
  • How much value the baby monitor provides against its cost
  • The array of features each baby monitor has
  • What the experts think – both ours and others in the market
  • The utility each product offers not just to your child, but to you as well
  • Build quality, reliability and robustness. After all, your little one is surely going to play with the contraption at the end of their crib!

What Is The Best Baby Monitor For Two Rooms?

Let’s take a look at our top picks and why we believe they would be perfect for you. We’ll follow soon after with some of the most frequently asked questions out there and conclude with why we selected each one and ranked them as we did.

So, let’s begin!

#1: Motorola Halo Video Baby Monitor (Best Overall)

The first choice on our list of the best 2-way baby monitor for 2 rooms is the Motorola Halo. Not only does it serve as an aesthetic improvement to your children’s crib, but is also one of the most comprehensive models.

This dual-screen baby monitor offers a wide range of solutions and is therefore at the top of our list. The Halo mounts at the top of both your babies’ cribs and can serve as a toy for them too, helping them stay distracted and sleep calmly. The LED light on the halo can make sure both babies remain calm just by looking at it!

Motorola has given this camera some height which lets you keep an eye on your entire baby’s area. Within the rather distracting halo is an HD camera that leads to a 4.3 inch screen through which you can see your baby very clearly even during the darkest hours of the night!

You can sync both (or more) cameras to your screen and see the babies in split-screen – and leave the screen there throughout the night. When you get up in the middle of the night, one look is all it will take to assure you of their safety.

Apart from the video quality, another great feature the Halo hosts is the built-in sleep tracker that comes with the device. It keeps track of how much sleep your baby is getting and whether or not it’s enough. It does so by syncing the audio and video from the room and determining whether or not the baby is asleep.

The screen connects with cameras using Wi-Fi and has infrared night vision for the nights. One of the best features of this 2 camera baby monitor is that it has a two-way speaker, so if you need to console either child (or both) all the way from your room, you can do so easily!

Motorola Halo + Video Baby Monitor is one of the more premium baby monitoring solutions out there and has impeccable build quality. However, for the price-conscious among you, it is important to note that all of this comes at a relatively higher price tag than the competition.

The cameras are powered by a lithium-ion battery which is included in the packaging. If you have more than 2 children, you can buy more cameras separately and sync them with your screen easily!

#2: Summer Baby Zoom HD 5 Inch Screen (Voice Activated)

Next in line is the Summer Baby HD Zoom Duo – a prime contender for our list of the best 2 way baby monitor for 2 rooms. This brand is well known for its durability and quality when it comes to all sorts of baby products. What makes this baby monitor stand out from the crowd is its “sleep zone virtual boundary” feature. As the name suggests, this feature lets you create a boundary around a specific area and if your child crosses that boundary, an alert is sent to you automatically.

This is perfect for those of you who are deep sleepers and need a baby monitor for 2 rooms that can wake you up when their children get adventurous. If your child keeps climbing out of the crib – or attempts to – you can’t go wrong with the Baby Pixel Zoom.

Each camera is equipped with an HD moon-lite vision boost to see properly in the night without disturbing your child’s sleep. This is sort of like night vision but with less green. You can also illuminate specific areas if need be in order to see the whole crib in more detail. Speaking of which, if you think that the camera isn’t showing you the crib properly, you can easily adjust its neck horizontally or vertically when need be – REMOTELY.

You get a five-inch HD screen along with purchase that features a 6x digital zoom. Keep in mind that the zoom is digital, so you are likely to see some pixilated areas when you zoom in up close.

The screen is voice-activated, meaning that you can set your screen aside and when either baby starts crying, the screen will automatically wake up. You yourself can also activate the screen by simply touching it if you want to check up on the little ones. The screen automatically goes into power-saving mode once the sound from your baby’s room dies down.

You can also see the room temperature and time on the same screen as your baby. In terms of range, it works flawlessly for up to 800 feet, which is much more than many others in the market.

Despite the numerous features it offers and the build quality, one major issue we faced with this 2-way baby monitor was that it doesn’t have a split-screen function. You need to swipe in order to see the other child.

#3: Eufy Video Baby Monitor Wide Angle Lens (Best Value For Money)

Eufy camera system is a rather versatile baby monitor, which makes it the next monitor we’re going to review on our list of the best baby monitor for two rooms. The kit originally comes with 2 cameras, but you can expand your arsenal up to four cameras easily and, dare we say, cost-effectively.

Installation of the cameras is quite simple – simply screw the wall mount on your wall and attach the camera on top of it. Thanks to the 110° field of view, you can keep an eye on not just your children’s cribs but also most of their room!

If you have more than one child in the same room, by installing the two cameras you can virtually see the whole room easily. However, that isn’t really necessary. You can move the lens remotely thanks to the well-placed buttons on its 5 inch colored screen. The video quality is quite crisp and lets you make out the relevant details, considering how it has a 720p camera.

It has night vision within the lens so that you don’t have to leave a light on to keep an eye on your child. The monitor doesn’t turn off during the night, which means that you’ll have to charge it rather often but we found that it helped us sneak a peek at our little ones in the middle of the night and go back to sleep without having to move a muscle.

This is a 2-way baby monitor not just because you can sync the screen with two or more cameras, but also because of the built-in microphone and speaker in both, the cameras and the screen. The range of these cameras is around 460 feet.

#4: Summer Baby Monitor & SleepZone Boundary Alerts (Most Cost-Effective)

Another entry into our list of 2 way baby monitor for 2 rooms from Summer is the Baby Pixel Cadet, a relatively new color video monitor. This is a baby-watch solution for those of you who are on a budget. After all, you are taking care of more than one little angle; you could use a cost-effective solution too, right?

This baby monitor for two rooms displays your kids on a 4.3 inch color video monitor that also includes buttons to help you adjust the angle of each camera connected to it (via Wi-Fi). The movement is mechanical and includes panning and tilting so that you can get a better look at your child.

Considering the price range, the Baby Pixel Cadet hosts a remarkable number of features including motion sensors, two-way audio, event recording, a custom lullaby playlist, and a mobile app so that you don’t have to carry around an extra screen wherever you go!

However, the cost-effectiveness has to show somewhere, and that somewhere is the resolution. It’s relatively low-res, thus making it impossible to have a close look at any object if you need to.

The camera has a cone-shaped base for better stability when you try to move its neck remotely. You get 125° vertical and 300° horizontal movement remotely – which is enough to give you a good idea of what is going on in the whole room.

The display itself is 480-by-272p, which isn’t really that impressive. You can expect 6 to 8 hours of battery life when using the screen continuously. However, if you want, you can also choose to keep the device plugged in permanently without damaging it.

Installing this baby monitor and cameras is simple; all you have to do is secure the base to your child’s crib or the wall, charge your display up, and connect the whole system to each other via Wi-Fi. There is a SleepZone motion feature included in the 2 camera baby monitor that notifies you when either child wriggles out of their sleep zone.

#5: Motorola Baby Monitor For Two Rooms (Easiest to Use)

And the final product on our list is another camera from Motorola. This is a 2-way baby monitor for 2 rooms for parents who are looking for an easy-to-use camera that you can simply install and forget about. It is low maintenance and, most importantly, very convenient. You don’t have to carry around a hefty screen with this camera (unless you want to) but can stream the video live onto your phone!

The video on your phone will include the sound, motion, temperature, and time. The 2-way voice can be used here as well just like you would with the native screen. The 2 camera baby monitor is designed for those of you who travel a lot or perhaps use their phone a lot and are looking for a monitor that is easy to use.

The camera and screen are very sleek, shiny, and rather robust. Installation is very easy and the clips included with the packaging can hold their own even if your baby decides to start playing with the camera. Both cameras are adjustable, but you can only adjust them from the native screen.

The sound quality is good with the CONNECT, but unfortunately, it leaves a bit to be desired. There is some background noise when using the monitor but it is negligible. However, when you’re using your phone, the noise becomes somewhat more prominent.

There is an option to play custom lullabies and white noise as well to soothe your children if they do get up in the middle of the night. There is no nightlight, but the cameras include night vision which often results in reduced video quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that come up when people are looking to buy baby monitors for 2 rooms.

Can 2 Way Baby Monitors Be Hacked?

This mostly depends on the mode of connection between the cameras and the screen. If you’re using wired connections, there is virtually no chance of your screen or the camera getting hacked. If, however, they are connected with Wi-Fi, it is a good idea to strengthen your password.

And even then, there is the question of whether or not the data being transmitted is being stored or not. If data is not being stored, these systems usually end up flying well below hackers’ radars.

Isn’t It Dangerous to Put Baby Monitors and Camera Close to Babies?

This argument basically stems from a question of radiation. Much like every other piece of technology, these cameras and monitors also emit waves. However, this emitted radiation only becomes a problem if you are placing the cameras too close to babies. A bit of height is all it takes to nullify its effect.

That is where zoom features come in handy.

What Is the Best Place to Install a Baby Camera?

This mostly depends on whether your 2-way baby monitor for 2 rooms has a zoom feature or not. As a rule of thumb, try to place the camera at least six feet away from your child. If your camera has a zoom feature, install the camera on a wall and zoom in on your children. Remember to choose a place where the microphone can pick up your child’s cries, else you won’t be notified!

What Range Baby Monitor Should I Buy?

The range of your baby monitor depends on how large your house is or if you spend most of your day in your backyard. There are some baby monitors that have a range of more than 800 feet, while some go up to 100 feet. Remember, long-range baby monitors usually cost more than low-range ones.

Final Conclusion:

Now that we have covered each of the 2-way baby monitors in detail, it’s time for you to decide. Here is a summary of what we’ve discussed and our preferences.

We chose the Motorola Halo Video Baby Monitor as our first pick because of the features it offers. This is one of the most comprehensive units on our list. In our opinion it’s better than the rest not just because of the design, but also the overall features it hosts and builds quality.

The Summer Baby 5″ Screen is second on our list only because of the price and the fact that it doesn’t offer split-screen viewing. Apart from that, it is one of the most feature-rich units on our list. Its ability to give off notifications is a bonus for any mum and dad.

Eufy Video Baby Monitor Wide Angle Lens offers the best value for money owing to its high-quality build, features, and potential to last a long time.