The Best NVR Security Camera System For Your Home Safety

Black nvr security camera system for safetyIf you’re looking for a new video surveillance system to install inside your home, you will find two different types of systems:

  • NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems
  • And DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems

Both these systems perform the same function of recording video footage, but differ in the mechanism and the processes they implement.

In this article we will discuss the best NVR security camera system for your home and office.

Read on to find out about NVR systems and the best products on the market today.

While DVR setups can only record video without audio, NVR security systems offer both, video and audio recording. NVR security systems also offer enhanced image quality achieved through the use of better camera technology. Users can also achieve better coverage through an NVR system as it comes with multiple lenses on 1 camera.

Within NVR systems you can also opt for wired or wireless technology. Wireless systems do not require the clutter of wires and can operate without a physical footprint. DVR systems cannot operate wirelessly.

The camera quality of NVR systems is very clear and will help you identify license plates, faces and other intricate details.

In simpler terms, NVR systems are an upgrade on the successful, but age-old technology of DVR. If you want a fool proof security surveillance system updated with the best cameras in the market then NVR systems offer an ideal solution to you.

How Did we Select the Best NVR Security Camera System?

While NVR technology is relatively new, there is no dearth of options available to consumers. All leading providers, including Swann and Reolink, offer excellent NVR surveillance systems that are equipped with some great qualities.

If you are a novice buyer with a limited understanding of these surveillance cameras, you might find yourself at a loss of decision making skills when exploring the market. Many of these systems appear the same on paper, and only an expert eye can differentiate a long-lasting surveillance system from others with poorer performance and longevity.

We understand that investing in security camera surveillance systems is a hefty expenditure for you, which is why you want to cover all edges and make no errors. In line with this understanding, we have compiled a list of the best NVR security systems for your home.

The products we have shortlisted have made it here after extensive communication, research and collaboration.

To summarize the research process, we went through the following means to find you the best NVR security camera system.

  • Professional and detailed reviews by tech experts
  • Features of the products along with the price range they come under
  • Value for money provided by the surveillance system. A higher cost doesn’t necessarily mean a bad deal. Some NVR systems offer amazing value for money even when they’re priced on the higher end
  • User-friendliness for homeowners who aren’t well versed with tech
  • And public reviews where available

The 5 Best NVR Security Camera Systems

Having looked after the introductions and our extensive research methodology, we now take you through the best NVR security camera systems.

#1: Reolink 4K PoE NVR Security Camera System (Best Overall)

This Reolink security camera system comes with 4 times the clarity of a simple 1080p camera. This NVR system provides a vivid display with 4K clarity of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The camera also hits home when it comes to zooming in for clearer results. The 8MP camera quality ensures that you can zoom in anytime to catch details clearly without disturbing the pixels.

It offers a simple plug and play PoE system. The PoE system is extremely easy to install and set up. With the use of a single network cable, you can enjoy enhanced security coverage for your entire house. This works well for both, DIY enthusiasts and beginner level camera users.

The NVR surveillance camera comes with a pre-installed 2TB HDD inside it. This 2TB HDD gives dedicated output with reliable 24/7 recording. You can further enhance the recorded period by attaching a 4TB external device for backup storage.

This NVR surveillance camera system also comes with an application to help you track your cameras remotely, regardless of where you are. You can check in on your business or your home through the application. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to initiate your connectivity. The app is accessible across all kinds of software operating systems and devices.

Buyers also get an amazing 2 year warranty on the product. Reolink also goes above and beyond to offer a 30-day money back guarantee to anyone who hasn’t used the system and wants to return it within the time period.

#2: Swann 8 Camera Security System, NVR Wired Surveillance 5MP (Best for Outdoors)

This Swann camera security system is a major force to reckon in the NVR market. With its premium 8 camera and 16 channel setup, this security system can help you see all details in full clarity without any confusion. You can see license plates, logos on clothing, faces, tattoos and a lot more with its 4k technology.

It covers all nooks and corners of your home or business to provide extended coverage for large spaces. There are hardly any blind spots as every area is covered. The sturdy protection on top of this surveillance system helps protect the exterior from forces of weather. Additionally, cameras come with a night vision of 130ft. and an 82 degree viewing angle for better coverage.

You can store weeks of footage on the 2TB storage this camera system offers and can also connect the surveillance system to your dropbox account to save surveillance footage online for longer periods on the cloud.

This is one of the best NVR security camera systems on the market as it uses heat and motion detection sensors to detect any warm objects or movements. You are intimated as soon as suspicious movement is recorded, so that precautionary measures can be taken appropriately.

The surveillance system is backed by a warranty of 12 months and comes with everything in the pack including cables, mouse, stickers, accessories and gears to get this system started.

#3: Swann NVR Camera System (Best for Extended Coverage)

The 3rd on our list is a premium security system with amazing picture clarity and coverage. This surveillance system trumps the wired security system by Swann above due to its extended coverage and presence of 12 cameras. The 12 cameras are perfect for covering all corners of your business or house and ensuring that nothing or no one goes undetected.

The 93 degree wide viewing angle goes with the bullet cameras and the 130ft night vision. All these features, combined with a 5MP zoom, make this system ideal for foolproof security. The system comes with 2TB of hard drive, which can be further enhanced by connecting your servers with a cloud storage system online.

This home security camera system makes full use of NVR technology to sense motion and heat. The system can update you as soon as it senses an anomaly in heat and motion sensors located inside of it. The surveillance system is also compatible with IoT devices like Alexa and Echo Show.

The attached audio input allows you to view and hear all that is happening at your home or business from literally anywhere.

#4: Swann Home Security Camera NVR System (Best for Homes)

This home security camera system comes with the Swann Pir Bullet Security Camera and spotlight. These cameras offer the state of the art protection you need inside your home and come with 2-way talking, a siren, motion lighting and ultra 4k UHD video resolution. These powerful cameras have it all and are a must have inside your home.

The system comes with Swann’s state of the art motion detection sensing system. The system cuts down on the false alerts and helps you amp up your security protocols. The cameras can shine a spotlight during night time or can even be used to relay your messages from anywhere. Once the cameras detect activity at night, they will shine a spotlight to shoo intruders away. There is also a siren to add dramatic effect to the raid.

The setup is easy to install and comes with a 12 month warranty by the manufacturers. Everything you need for installation is included in the package. This is one of the best NVR security camera systems to use at home and can protect you well after nightfall.

#5: Anpviz 8MP NVR Security Camera System (Most Cost-Effective)

This Anpviz system comes with an advanced H.265 video compression and ultra-long recording capability. The device can help maximize storage space and also uses up less bandwidth. Eventually, you get a smooth remote monitoring experience without the hang-ups you would expect to experience.

This Anpviz Security Camera System saves you a lot of money if you need super HD resolution with 4 cameras. The coverage doesn’t compare to the other camera systems on our list, but quality is at par with them. The 3840 x 2160 output offers 4k vision and allows you to see all minor details flawlessly.

Cables on this security camera system are stable and you won’t witness deterioration in quality due to faulty cables. The 8MP high definition output will allow you to zoom in whenever you want and catch details that seem far off.

This security system comes with a free Android/iOS remote viewing application that helps you keep an eye on your system from anywhere you want. The product also comes with a 2 year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee if the need be.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best NVR Security Camera Systems

What Are Security NVRs and DVRs?

As discussed earlier, NVR stands for network video recorder, while DVR stands for digital video recorder. The best NVR security camera systems work as an upgrade over DVR technology.

This device takes output from analog cameras and transfers them into a digital format to record on a hard drive. The process is faster and flawless with NVR. You can also record audio with NVR systems and can use them for alert generation as well if need be.

What Cable Should I Use During Installation?

It is recommended that you use Cat 5 or 6 Ethernet cable for the installation of IP cameras. Analog cameras can be installed through an RG59 coaxial cable.

Do NVR Security Camera Systems Come With Warranty?

The products we have mentioned above come with 1 or 2 years of product warranty and money back guarantee for a limited period. You can also get the product replaced if you witness a defect in its operations.

Final Verdict on NVR Security Camera Systems

The Reolink 4K PoE NVR Security Camera System is our best NVR security camera system on the list today. Go for it if you want reliable output and performance.

This Swann 16 Channel 8 Camera NVR System is the camera you need for exceptional outdoor performance.

#3 on our list is the Swann NVR 12 Bullet Cameras which offer extended coverage with 12 cameras and can cover a wider area.

If you want a premium system go with the Swann NVR 4K 8 Spotlight and 8 Dome Cameras for domestic users and come with in-camera security systems.