Genie Garage Door Opener Reviews: Which Genie Is the Best?

gennie silent max quiet garage door openerThere are quite a few Genie garage door opener reviews online. However how do you know which one is right for your garage?

Our reviews of the top 3 Genie garage door openers on the market from experienced people in home security will give you your best options. (see reviews below)

Thanks to technological advancements most garage door openers are getting competitive . That’s why you need a Genie universal garage door opener that will remotely open the garage door for you!

But how can you find the best Genie excellerator garage door opener that fits your needs? Read through our Genie garage door opener reviews to discover your perfect match.


Why Should You Buy a Genie Universal Garage Door Opener?

Convenience is wonderful, but you might be wondering if it’s really worth investing in a garage door opener solely for that reason. Thankfully, there’s a lot more that you will benefit from after you get your Genie garage door opener.

Here are some features that they have in common:

Intellicode Access Security System

Security is always an extra concern for anyone who has a living space attached to their garage. However, with Genie, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Genie makes some of the best automatic garage door openers. It is notorious for being several times safer than any of its manual counterparts. Genie secures access to your garage door through the “Intellicode Access Security System”.

The system is safe from all sorts of hackers and cyber-attacks. It deploys rolling codes by automatically changing access codes after each activation, so you do not have to live with the fear of dealing with unauthorized visitors!

What Is The Alladin Connect Kit?

Every genie universal garage door opener has smartphone compatibility as they come with a pre-installed Aladdin Connect kit.

Imagine you get to work, and realize “Oh no, did I lock the garage door?”. Under normal circumstances, your day will probably be spent less on working and more on going through what you did in the morning. Well, you can get rid of these worries with Genie garage door openers.

All you have to do is download the free Genie Aladdin Connect app and use Google-Assistant to connect with the opener. You will then have complete information on your garage door status and the ability to open and close it from anywhere. You can even pair it with Alexa and use voice commands.

Ultra-Quiet Technology

Every Genie garage door opener is designed to be ideal for garages that are attached to living spaces. I’m sure you are tired of hearing your neighbor’s garage door’s rattling as it opens and closes. However, with Genie’s ultra-quiet technology, you can rest easy.

Genie garage doors allow you to be a good neighbor and also a good parent to your kids that are sleeping in the house.


Genie has installed Safe-T-Beam sensors in every opener to create a safety mechanism for you and your family. It includes an invisible ray of light that extends across the garage door opening.

Whenever the beam is obstructed by an object such as a car, bicycle or person, the door immediately reverses back into an open position. Genie claims that they prioritize safety over everything else!

How Did We Choose the Best Genie Garage Door Openers?

We carefully evaluated options based on a variety of factors, including value for money, features available and positive and negative reviews, to see what issues some customers faced.

Higher priced options include all top of the line features that offer the ultimate luxury. If you are the sort of person that only wants the best, then you will have to spend more to get it.

If all you’re looking for is security and some convenience at the best price, then check out the value option below.

You may also have a heavier garage door. Larger garage doors will need more powerful openers, so we’ve included one on the list. It does not have any reviews, but we think it could provide great value.

#1: Genie 3042-TKH Silent Garage Door Opener (Best Overall)

The mighty 140V DC motor in this Genie garage door opener provides ¾ HPc of power which can operate a standard 7-foot garage door at a speed of 9 inches per second. This quick lift is thanks to the durable steel-reinforced belt drive system that provides a smooth stop/start control for seamless door travel.

The Genie 37281V has Smart Set Programming. Hence, it is user-friendly and easy to install. It sports two bulb spaces for motion-activated lighting on the main box, which saves you the inconvenience of having to scramble around in the dark for the switch. It’s also a brilliant way to shave some bucks off your electricity bill.

The best fit are LED bulbs, which save power and last longer, but incandescent bulbs of up to 100 watts can also be used.

The in-built Genie Sense Monitoring and Diagnostic works in conjunction with the Safe-T-Beam system (found in all Genie garage doors) to continuously screen your system for faults. It’s job is to prevent any issues from coming to the surface and to “minimizes noise, wear and tear on the door, and improve overall safety”.

#2: Genie Stealth Drive Connect 7155-TKV (The Strongest)

The Genie Stealth Drive Connect, also known as model 7155-TKV, is the strongest Genie universal garage door opener on our list.

Sporting a 1 ¼ HPC DC motor, the 7155-TKV specializes in operating heavy doors without making a sound.

The “Integrated Automatic Battery Backup” is a handy feature for emergencies, when your primary power is out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! The battery can handle up to 50 cycles after losing the primary power.

Even though it features a larger motor, 7155-TKV is by no means burly or difficult to install. It utilizes a durable 5-piece rail assembly system that fits together in a quick and easy procedure.

Plus, you don’t have to be a tech wiz to get the Genie Stealth Drive Connect up and running. Included with the main system are two pre-programmed 3-button remote controls for operating the garage door.

You can also find two more valuable accessories: a wireless keypad that is secured with a PIN along with a handy wall console that contains a vacation lock and light control button for added convenience.

#3: Genie Chain Drive 550 Garage Door Opener (Best for Value)

The Genie Chain Drive 550 garage door opener offers unparalleled power, reliability, and durability. It is highly affordable and delivers superior performance. Installing this garage door opener is very easy. It also requires very little maintenance, which is another plus.

The product comes with a powerful DC motor capable of lifting garage doors that are up to 7 feet high and weigh 350 pounds.

It has a heavy-duty chain drive and a durable 5-piece rail system. There are also 2 pre-programmed remote controls, a precision machined motor, and a safe T-Beam system.

The garage door opener is also equipped with GenieSense monitoring technology designed to reduce wear and tear on the garage door. It relies on Genie’s Intellicode rolling code technology to prevent any unauthorized personnel from entering your garage.

You can also take advantage of the multi-functional wireless wall console that carries a vacation lock switch and light control. The device can be operated using WiFi and comes with a 10-year warranty. Hence, you can expect it to last you a long time.

It is easy to install too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Install a Genie Universal Garage Door Opener?

Follow the instructions on the manual and it should be a fairly simple job. The c-channel rail on the Genie 37281V and the 5-piece rail system on the other 2 openers are some of the most user-friendly pieces of hardware in the industry. See this diy video for easy install.

How Do You Use the Aladdin Connect?

Download the free Genie Aladdin app on your phone or Alexa and pair these devices with the system using the instructions within the app.

Final Verdict on the 3 Genie Garage Door Opener Reviews

All Genie openers are quiet, reliable and secure machines that will last you a long time. Your decision between the three options will depend upon your needs. Let’s break it down:

If your looking for the best opener with every feature you should go with the #1: Genie 3042-TKH  garage door opener for all its ultimate array of features and utility.

You have a big, heavy garage door: your best choice then would be the #2: Genie Stealth Drive Connect 7155-TKV for its impeccable lifting power.

You want utility for the best price go for #3: Genie Chain Drive 550 for its affordable price and durability.

That’s it, these are the best Genie garage door openers in the market. We also recommend you checkout our review of the quietest garage door openers we review here.