Lorex Security Camera Reviews (Updated 2021)

Lorex security camera systemWhat’s the most important aspect to consider when buying a security camera? In our opinion, it’s all about reliable function and video quality good enough to make out sufficient details about the threat.

On your hunt for the security system that fits your needs, you must have read many security camera review. And therefore, different opinions.

We’ve also done the same for different brands, from Reolink to Smonet and more. We’ll do the same here in our Lorex security camera reviews and present the brand’s essence in front of you.

We’ll discuss the different camera systems the brand has to offer along with their features to enable you to make an informed decision.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our Lorex security camera reviews.

How We Selected Our Lineup for the Best Lorex Security Cameras to Review

If there is any brand that can offer an all-inclusive security system that can cater to all your needs at once, it is bound to be from Lorex; whether you’re looking for coverage, durability, quality, cost-effectiveness or a blend of it all.

The options vary from need to need. If you’re looking for a standalone version or a 32-camera system for your home or office, whether you need to cover residential, commercial or even public property, you can benefit from some of the best security cameras out there.

In our Lorex security camera reviews, in order to give every camera a fighting chance, we’ve used a 6-point system, which covers almost all the bases.

Our selection criteria include looking at:

  • Customer reviews
  • Value for money provided by the camera
  • The array of features each camera offers
  • What the experts think about the camera (ours and others)
  • The overall utility provided by the camera. This includes a general review, i.e., design, quality, and more

Before we get into the review, it is important to mention that Lorex security cameras are cost-effective. Their motion sensors are mostly only geared toward humans and vehicles. There is also no subscription fee associated with the brand, but each unit has its own system of offering offline coverage.

Three of the most prevalent features offered by the best Lorex security cameras out there include:

  • Person & Vehicle Detection. The system notifies you whenever a person or vehicle is detected.
  • Ultra-Wide Field of View. Whether you go for the 4K or 1080p option, you get a much wider field of view than most competitors in the market.
  • Connected-on-the-Go. Lorex lets you monitor the feed from your cameras on-the-go, so that you can keep an eye on your home even when on vacation!

Our Lorex Security Camera Reviews – The Top 5

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at our top picks.

#1: Lorex 4K 8 Channel 1080P Security Cameras (Most Cost-Effective)

One of the most cost-effective solutions to your security needs is the Lorex 4K 8-Channel system. It’s not just the cost-effectiveness that brings the camera system on the top of our Lorex security camera review list, but also the features that it offers for the price.

You get 8 FHD (1080p) cameras with purchase along with 8 60 ft extension cables for easy installation. Each camera has its own mounting kit and power adapter. Speaking of which, one of the 9 power adapters included within is for the 4K UHD DVR with 2 TB storage capacity.

Within the package, you’ll also find an eternal and HDMI cable, along with a security decal that you can paste outside your property as a warning sign.

When testing the system, we found that it is rather easy to use, and sort of professional. The detail we got in our video was enough to identify people or car silence plates around 40 ft to 50 ft away, while showing you objects 150 ft away!

The 8-channel DVR has 4K support too, so when we plugged in our 4K cameras to it, the results ware what most people want. The night vision was also very crisp. The manufacturer claims it has a 100 feet range, but we found it to be less, since conditions are almost never ideal for the long range.

The cameras you get with purchase are weatherproof 1080p cameras and the 2TB storage is enough to store quite a bit of video before rewriting itself.

The cameras have a 90° field of view, which may not be the best out there, but is enough considering the price range and the number of channels you get. The cameras you get with purchase can operate efficiently in temperatures from -22° to 140° F.

#2: Lorex Smart 4K UHD Night Vision Active Deterrence Security System (Best Overall)

Considered to be one of the best Lorex security cameras out there, you’ll find the the smart 4K UHD security system in many Lorex security camera reviews. This system has it all; from durability and reliability to enhanced features, professional utility and more. The only problem, it may be expensive for some.

One of the best features of the Lorex Smart 4K UHD security camera system is its Active Deterrence system. You get 8 4K cameras with purchase, which (along with providing excellent definition and detail) get activated whenever they detect motion. Whenever someone comes near, a warning light turns on. If the object draws even nearer, a siren is triggered to notify you and deter intruders.

Lorex cameras have always been known to detect humans and cars in their field of view, but on rare occasions, the system can mistake a large dog for a human or vehicle too. However, this is very rare.

During the night, you get a color night vision view of your object. This is made possible with infrared LED lights that can show you objects clearly as far as 150ft. To determine faces or license plates, the object needs to be a bit closer.

We found that unlike the last Lorex security camera review (Lorex 4K 8-Camera System), these 4K cameras offer better results during the night.

As you can expect, the 4K cameras bring with them an extended field of view. Each camera can cover a 111° area. This means that you can space out your cameras to cover a much larger area. The security camera system is compatible with the Lorex Home App to help you monitor your home or office from your smart phone.

Although Lorex doesn’t usually have dedicated motion detection systems (except for persons and vehicles) in its cameras, the 4K UHD ADS system features an advanced system that goes well beyond what other Lorex camera systems have. Having said that, the system still needs to identify the motion to be a human, vehicle or animal, otherwise it could set off alarms for shadows or moving branches as well.

For a more integrated experience, you can integrate your security system with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

#3: Lorex Home Center 2x 1080p HD Smart Wi-Fi Cameras (Most Features)

If you’re on a budget and your needs aren’t as extensive either, but you simply can’t compromise on features, the Lorex Home Center 2x 1080p Wi-Fi camera system may be the best choice for you.

This system is perhaps the most feature-rich one.

To start off, we’ll discuss the intuitive, touch screen monitor. It is a voice-activated screen, meaning that if you’re cutting vegetables and don’t want to touch the monitor but would still like to see who’s at the door, all you have to do is say “Show me the front door.”

The 7” screen has a very easy-to-use interface and the colors are very vivid, making for a pleasant viewing experience. The screen itself is 1080p, just like the 2 weatherproof cameras.

Just like some of the best Lorex security cameras out there, these cameras also include color night vision and basic motion sensor capabilities, identifying persons and vehicles up to 150 feet away. You can make out details 40 ft to 50 ft away, but at night, this distance gets reduced to 20-30ft.

One major problem with this package is that it includes just two cameras, where within the same price range you can get other systems (albeit with less features) with more cameras to boast.

When you need to turn the cameras off, there is a button behind its DVR that lets you cover the shutter for enhanced privacy. This means that you can install the camera in your home as well, turning it on only when you require it. You can also turn of the microphones of your cameras with a simple button.

Speaking of privacy, Lorex security cameras offer private local storage with all its systems, and thanks to there being just 2 cameras, both 1080p, you can store more data without having to worry about overwriting. The data is stored locally and there are no monthly subscription fees, thus making the system even more attractive.

We found the audio and video quality, both, to be spot on. This is the only camera in our Lorex security camera reviews that gives you privacy options and utility at the same time.

#4: Lorex Weatherproof Wired Surveillance Security System (Most Professional)

For those of you looking for a professional surveillance security system, the Lorex weatherproof wired surveillance system is your best bet. From the camera design all the way to its reliability, you’ll find this system to be a great companion for your business.

With the purchase you get 6 4K security cameras, each of them with a 111° field of view. Installation is a bit tricky since these cameras are wired and need to be connected to the DVR manually. We would recommend that you don’t try and install these yourself since the wiring needs to be concealed.

During our test, we found that this is the best night vision Lorex camera out there, considering how it manages to keep visibility high even during the darkest hours of the night. In low ambient light, we noticed that it managed to provide a decent video of up to 120ft. to 130ft.

You can either connect your whole system with the Lorex Home App and monitor your home remotely or control the cameras. All it takes is downloading the app and scanning the system’s unique QR code. You can also connect your system to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

#5: Lorex Weatherproof 12 Cam Home Wired Surveillance System (Most Extensive)

Another wired surveillance system perfect for large homes is the Lorex Weatherproof Home System that comes with astonishing 16 4K bullet cameras. If you look at the camera quality and the price range, you’ll find that this is among the most budget-friendly options.

Although the large number of 4K cameras is very exciting, it is important to note that despite being 4K, these cameras have a slightly depreciated field of view, standing at 88°. You can mount the camera on a wall or a ceiling, but to get full coverage, you may have to install more than one camera. This is why we couldn’t rank this system higher in our Lorex security camera reviews.

Having said that, what these cameras lack in field of view, they more than make up for in terms of video quality. You can see crisp details and make out not just the person’s face, but also other defining features of the object around 140-150 ft away during the day and see much farther than that, while with low ambient light, you can identify the same details up to 130 feet away.

In complete darkness, this gets reduced to 90 feet – which on its own is very high compared to the competition.

From night vision to offline storage, backup, basic motion sensor functionality, 3TB storage, Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility, and most importantly the large number of cameras (16) at your disposal, it all combines to make this system a favorite of many.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lorex Cameras Worth Buying?

This question stems from the fact that Lorex isn’t included in several professional polls over 2019 and 2020. However, if you look at the sheer number of purchases and reviews of the best Lorex security cameras out there, you’ll find that it is one of best purchases for many. Customers are happy and the price range is adequate. These cameras are very durable and well worth what you pay.

Do Lorex Cameras Use Wi-Fi?

Most Lorex security cameras in our reviews are wired, but yes, there are some that use Wi-Fi. Such cameras usually record and upload video on their own and don’t require a DVR or NVR.

Do Lorex Cameras Get Hacked?

Usually, hackers gain access to camera systems that rely on Wi-Fi or systems that aren’t regularly updated. It is much harder to hack into wired security systems so long as they’re kept offline. Lorex recommends that you keep your system up to date to ensure you don’t fall victim to hackers.

Our Final Verdict on the Best Lorex Security Camera Reviews

Here is a summary of what we’ve discussed:

Our first choice is the Lorex 4K 8 Channel 1080P Security Cameras because of its budget-friendliness and the overall features it hosts. It is one of the best Lorex security cameras you can get in 1080p.

The second place in our Lorex security camera reviews goes to Lorex Smart 4K UHD for being the best all-rounder. It has the brains and the brawns to settle in any environment seamlessly.

For those of you who are looking for more features, the Lorex Home Center 2x 1080p HD Smart Wi-Fi Cameras is a good fit. We placed it in third position because it is 1080p and considering there are only 2 cameras for the price, it is relatively costly.