Which Quiet Garage Door Opener Really is The Best?

quiet garage door openerGarage door openers are great, especially when the weather is bad, aren’t they? Even when the weather is fine, having a nice, quiet garage door opener is a wonderful convenience.

Notice the emphasis on a quiet door opener for your garage. Nobody wants a garage door opener that’s noisy and will wake up your family if you go to work early. Don’t let the lack of an ultra quiet garage door opener become a sticking point.

Why Should You Get a Quiet Garage Door Opener?

Besides not waking up your family, having a silent garage door opener is especially good if your house is attached to your garage. If your opener can be heard from other rooms in your house, when the garage is adjacent to it, the rooms in your house might rattle, and roll a little.

If you have young children, you wouldn’t want to wake them from their naps just because the garage door is opening or closing, right?

And what if you have a living space – maybe a bedroom – above your attached garage? Then you’ll absolutely need a quiet garage door opener.

How We Decided on These Garage Door Openers

The quietest garage door opener in the market just might be on the list we present for your inspection below. We based our selections on abundance of features, reasonable prices, and positive reviews (when available).

Obviously, a garage door opener with more quality features is going to cost a little more than others. If you need the features, you’ll also need to set aside more of your budget so you can get such an opener.

If overall price is your main concern, rather than features or reputation, look at the lower priced models on our list.

You may be one who depends on what current owners have to say about a specific garage door opener. There’s only one in the list below for which (at the time of this writing) had no reviews. We included it anyway because it looked like a good value for your money.

#1: GENIE SilentMax 1200 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener (Best for Quietness)

The DC “Power Plus” motor in this GENIE garage door opener provides ¾ HPc of power. It can open your 7 foot (standard) garage door at up to 9 inches per second. That’s quite fast, yet its belt drive does so smoothly and – more importantly – quietly.

Some of its more important features include the following.

  • Smart Set Programming
  • Intellicode Access Security System
  • Safe-T-Beam Non-Contact Reversing System
  • GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology

Let’s take a quick look at each of these features so you can tell how valuable they will be for your situation.

Smart Set Programming

Genie makes setting up your system fast and easy with Smart Set. This also gives you total control over the travel – up and down – of your garage door.

Intellicode Access Security System

Genie restricts access to your garage door by using “superior encryption technology”. It uses rolling codes, meaning that the system continually seeks new access codes from the billions available. This makes it virtually impossible for the bad guys to hack into your garage door system.

Safe-T-Beam Non-Contact Reversing System

Safe-T-Beam puts an invisible beam of light across the opening of your garage door. When this beam is “broken” – by a car, a bike, a child, etc. – the door stops its downward motion and reverses to the fully open position. Genie says that this feature “meets or exceeds all UL, state, federal and CSA regulations”.

Genie SilentMax Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology

This goes hand in hand with the Safe-T-Beam system just above. The system continuously monitors the operation of your door, keeping an “eye” out for problems so it can prevent troubles from ever happening. This part of the system also “minimizes noise, wear and tear on the door, and improves overall safety”.

Additional Genie Garage Door Features

The list of benefits of this opener goes on.

  • Motion detection lighting
  • Compatibility with HomeLink and Car2U systems
  • Limited lifetime motor and gearbox warranty

The main box can hold two light bulbs. Genie recommends LED bulbs, which makes the most sense these days. If you do choose incandescent, the maximum wattage you can use is 100 watts.

#2: GENIE Stealth Drive Connect 7155-TKV Garage Door Opener (Best Value)

The Genie opener has hundreds of reviews and a decent overall rating. Since it comes from Genie just like the previous opener above, it includes several of the same features, as you might expect. The most notable is the Safe-T-Beam sensing ability.

This machine has a stronger 1 ¼ HPC DC motor to handle heavier doors even more quietly.

You can pair this opener with Alexa and Google Assistant using the built-in Aladdin Connect technology. This lets you monitor, open, and close the garage door from anywhere via your phone. (The Genie Aladdin Connect app is free.) You can even use voice commands with this method.

This Genie door opener should be fairly easy to install. It has a 5-piece rail system that you just snap together. It’s strong but lightweight and doesn’t need any extra hardware.

You get two 3-button remote controls that are pre-programmed, so you can use them as is out of the box. In addition, there is a wireless keypad to which you can assign a PIN and a wall console that has a vacation lock and a light control button.

Like several other openers, this model has battery backup for those rare times when the power goes out. (easy to follow owners manual)

#3: Chamberlain B503C Garage Door Opener (Best for Larger Doors)

This Chamberlain garage door opener model B503 (or B503C) is another one with hundreds of reviews and a good rating. The main difference here is that this one has extension kits for both 8-foot and 10-foot doors. (These require additional purchases.)

The B503 garage door opener is noted for its quietness, which is why it makes this list. It’s also supposed to be easy to install and simple to operate – both features that are attractive for obvious reasons.

Other features are similar to the Chamberlain B970 described above. It has Security+ 2.0 code encryption and “Posi lock protection” that guard against forced entry to keep you and your stuff safe.

You get a wall control for operating the opener from wherever you decide to mount it – probably inside your house, but it really depends on your situation.

This is another unit that works with your smartphone for opening, closing, and monitoring the door. You can even set the door to activate or the lights to turn on and off according to a recurring schedule.

#4: Skylink ATR-1722C Garage Door Opener (Least Expensive)

(Note: You may also see this opener simply called model AT-1722.)

The Skylink AT-1722 garage door opener is the least expensive of those in our list. So, if you’re on a tight budget but need a new garage door opener, this one might just fit the bill.

The Skylink has a ¾ HPF DC motor designed for 7-foot garage doors. It’s really the DC (versus AC) power source in all of these openers that contributes a lot to their quietness.

The AT-1722 gives you soft start and stop ability that slows the speed of the door at each end of its travel. This reduces vibration and extends the life of the parts of the system.

You do have to do some programming of the unit, but Skylink has helpful online videos that guide you through every step of the process.

You get smartphone control through the use of Skylinknet and IFTTT.com (If This, Then That website). Note, however, that this requires a model hu-100 Internet hub, which is sold separately.

This is another system that uses rolling code for extra security. You get a wall console and a 2-button remote control. There is also an automatic timer that will prevent you from leaving your garage door open accidentally for extended periods of time.

You can have battery backup, but this requires another additional purchase. This is why the basic AT-1722 unit is so much cheaper than the rest.

#5: Chamberlain B970 Quiet Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain B970 is a “smart” device that comes with “built-in myq technology”. What this really means is that you can open, close, and get the status of your garage door from anywhere by using the associated myq phone app.

Chamberlain claims their belt drive is “ultra-quiet” (just what we’re looking for here) and strong, as it uses a steel-reinforced mechanism and high grade material. This drive should last many years. It’s specifically noted as being good for attached garages (see above).

Chamberlain’s Max Lift Power System gives you 1 ¼ HP of lifting capacity. This should cover all but the largest and heaviest garage doors.

The entire system has a battery backup so you can still use the opener even if the power goes out in your area. You won’t be stuck outside in the rain or the cold for lack of electricity.

You get two 3-button remote controls that give you power over as many as three openers. Granted, it’s probably the rare case where you would need that many, but if you do, the Chamberlain system has you covered.

You can use the remote controls as far away as 1500 feet from your garage door. That’s over a quarter of a mile!

The installation manual is easy to follow.

If you get this opener via Amazon, you may also be able to get an Amazon credit, if you are an Amazon Prime member and are able to accept in-garage delivery. (Check the Amazon site to see if the offer is still available and if you are eligible.)

Conclusion: On the Quietest Garage Door Openers

The garage door openers on our list come in a variety of prices and include a variety of features.

All of them are quiet garage door openers.

Which one is best for you, then, depends mostly on the features you want and how much you’re willing to pay for them.

We think that each of them has its own merits and would work well for you, all other things being equal. So, take a closer look at the top two or three you think you like the most.

Your family and neighbors will be glad you did.

If these garage door openers are not quit what your looking for there are other options. See our reviews of LiftMaster 8550 and Chamberlain B750 garage door openers.