Schlage vs Kwikset: Which Lock is Best For Your Security?

When you’re building a new home or making some rearrangements, the lock you choose for your house is always important.

Some people pick whichever brand of lock they find, but someone who wants their family to be more secure may do some research and find out which locks are the best for protecting their home.

In this post, we will compare two popular lock brands: Schlage vs Kwikset. Both are some of the most well-known lock brands, with years of experience.

These two lock brands are popular, but which one comes out on top? Which is the best door lock to keep your home safe? Are there any differences in price, security, and other features that can make or break a lock? Let’s take a look:




Overview of Schlage Smart Locks

Overiew of Kwikset Smart Locks

Which is More Secure?

When it comes to Schlage vs Kwikset, you may wonder which one will protect your home. With either lock, you will get peace of mind, but if you need extra security for your home, Schlage may be the way to go.

For Schlage locks, they tend to be a higher grade. They are grade 1, which is the most secure according to the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI. Kwikset is grade 2, which is quite secure, but not as much as grade 1.

Let’s dive deeper into grade 1 vs grade 2 in regards to door locks for your security lock door.

First, Grade 1. These locks are meant for the most heavy-duty use. Many businesses will use them because they can withstand traffic and repeated use. Someone who has to lock the doors every day multiple times will benefit from grade 1.

Grade 1 isn’t invincible, but it does take a lot more hits. A good thief will have to hit the door multiple times with a heavy object to even rattle the lock. Despite this, there are some businesses or homeowners who do not pick grade 1 because they do not realize they need a good lock to protect their building.

Grade 1 can be a little more expensive, but it is worth it because it lasts longer.

With that said, while grade 1 is the best lock door protection, it does require more professional installation. Most people may not be able to install a grade 1 lock to the best of their ability, and because of this, it may be easier for a thief to break into the door.

Okay, let’s talk about Grade 2. This isn’t as powerful, but it does still offer adequate protection. Some small businesses or homes can still benefit from their door having a grade 2 lock.

One downside of grade 2 locks is that they can differ in quality. Some can be strong, while others may be a little weaker. Because of this, you may want to contact the lock manufacturer to see how strong it is.

Okay, let’s go back to security comparisons. When it comes to smart locks, the Kwikset doesn’t have any built-in sensors, but the Schlage does, allowing you to sound the alarm should you need it.

There are other comparisons as well, such as e-keys vs PINs, but overall, Schlage does appear to have the upper hand. It’s simply the better one if you need to have a home that is as protected as possible.

Many Schlage locks also use built in Smart WiFi which allows you to unlock and lock from any location. Using the Amazon App or their Schlage App to manage 100 access codes for family and friends you trust.

Are They the Same Size?

The sizes of the locks will differ depending on which type, so let’s look at two similar smart locks. The Z-Wave from Schlage is about 4.5 x 5.1 x 9.2 inches. Meanwhile, the 99130-002 from Kwikset is 9.8 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches.

The dimensions are different in certain areas. While the Schlage tends to be the more powerful lock, we don’t think the dimensions have any effect on this.

With that said, you should always make sure the lock can fit your door. Measure the lock as best as you can and hire a professional to install it properly.

Any Difference for Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Not exactly. However, because Schlage locks tend to be stronger, they are recommended for the outer doors to reduce your chance of forced entry in your home.

With outdoor use, you may want a stronger, grade 1 lock to offer maximum protection. Schlage smart locks do have more sensors, making them safer.

Both locks are resistant to weather. With that said, with any smart lock, you do have to consider extreme temperatures. Some locks may drain faster due to cold weather, for example.

In regards to Schlage or Kwikset, Schlage may win this one just because of the fact that the locks are made of thicker materials, which can prevent the battery from being drained.

Which is Cheaper?

The price of these locks can vary depending on which you buy and where. However, Kwikset tends to be the cheaper lock. Let’s first compare the single cylinder deadbolt. For the same kind of deadbolt, the Kwikset and the Schlage are about the same price.

The Schlage offers the Snap and Stay, which holds the lock in place when you screw it in, while the Kwikset offers easy rekeying for those who want to change their locks. So overall, they have a similar value.

Let’s look at the smart locks. For a similar smart lock design, the Kwikset appears to be much cheaper than the Schlage. However, Schlage has more smart features and is better rated.

So overall, in the battle of Kwikset vs Schlage locks in regards to cost, Kwikset is the cheaper brand, but you also have to think about what you pay for. This isn’t to say that Kwikset locks are cheaply made, but Schlage is just better in regards to how powerful they are.

Comparing Deadlocks

Deadlocks, or deadbolts, help prevent your home from forced entry. With good deadbolts of a high grade, it can be almost impossible for your average thief to break into your home through forced entry.

They are much better than spring locks, which can make it easier for a thief to break in. Some houses use both, but we believe that if you have to pick one, the deadbolt is the way to go.

So in the battle between Schlage vs Kwikset, which one has the better deadbolts? All in all, the Schlage has a better deadbolt lockset available. Schlage deadbolts beat Kwikset in three ways:

  • The bolts are longer, making it harder for a thief to break it down.
  • Schlage deadbolts have housing and plating that makes it harder for a thief to drill through them. Kwikset locks are sturdy, but they are much easier for someone to drill through them.
  • The security pins and cylinder tolerance of Schlage are much better. Schlage has four pins as opposed to two, for example. This means that it’s much harder for a lockpicker to break enter without force.

This isn’t to say that Kwikset locks are useless in the deadbolt department, but Schlage is better overall.

Comparing Electronic (Smart Locks)

Getting a smart lock to your home can not only give your home security, but it’s much less of a hassle for you if you accidentally lock yourself out.

In regards to Schlage or Kwikset, both locks are functional enough, easy for anyone to install, and are remote. You connect your smartphone to these locks and use your phone to lock or unlock your home.

The Schlage does have built-in sensors, allowing you to detect if someone is at the door. Kwikset locks tend to lack this.

Both locks are competent, with features that differ slightly depending on what type. However, Schlage is overall better because it has a higher grade and more security features. The price maybe a little more, but the price for the lock is worth it in our opinion.

There are many types of smart locks to choose from, with everything said. Both Schlage and Kwikset have smart locks of all types, and they also have different features. More expensive locks may allow for more connectivity, being compatible with Alexa and other voice command devices.

With higher-end smart locks, you can use practically any device as a key, in addition to a touchpad that can also be used as a key.

What about Baldwin or Defiant?

Of course, there are other brands of locks as well. Besides Kwikset and Schlage, you have Baldwin and Defiant. Baldwin’s traditional locks have good reviews and appear to be quite sturdy. They do have smart locks as well, but according to reviews, they are a little more hit or miss.

Defiant’s locks, both smart and otherwise, are highly rated, too. Overall, besides Kwikset and Schlage, these two lock brands are worth checking out also.

In addition, don’t be afraid to try other brands of lock. With that said, always check their grade, what features they offer, and more.

Conclusion on Schlage vs Kwikset

Both locks are good, but we believe that Schlage has the upper hand in regards to which of the locks is better. Kwikset is cheaper and is competent enough if you are on a budget, but in the battle between Schlage vs Kwikset, Schlage wins due to the fact that the locks have a higher grade and they tend to have a few more features as well.

What makes Schlage win is that it’s a higher grade and is made of better materials. It’s much harder to break into a door that has a Schlage lock. And for those who like to lockpick, the key pins that Schlage has are more solid, making it difficult to break in without a good key.

This isn’t to say that Kwikset is bad. They still offer competent grade 2 locks, and if you’re in a pinch, they are worth the price. However, if you own a bigger business or you have something really valuable in your home, you may want to go with the Schlage.

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