The Best Sliding Gate Opener For Security (2021 Updated)

Remember how you felt after installing that sliding gate at the entrance to your property? It was a good feeling, wasn’t it?

Remember how you felt after getting out (and back into) your vehicle not once, but twice, to open and close the gate for the umpteenth time? It wasn’t a good feeling, was it? Especially if rain, sleet, snow or other awful weather conditions were involved.

Wouldn’t a sliding gate opener be awesome? No more in and out of your car or truck in all kinds of weather. Just the press of a button, and the job is done!

But how in the world do you find the right one – the right size, the right functions, the right brand, and all at the right price?

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We’ve compiled this simple guide for the best sliding gate openers on the market right now, so you can quickly pick which one’s right for you.

What Should You Look For in a Sliding Gate Opener?

So what separates the good sliding gate openers from the bad gate openers? You probably haven’t bought a sliding gate opener before…or you wouldn’t be here.

The key to any intelligent purchase is knowing what you’re looking at. Following are the criteria we used to assess the best gate openers in today’s market. This will help you understand our thought process as well as conduct your own further research if needed.

Criteria #1: Capacity – Gates vary in weight and length. Each gate opener is designed to move a sliding gate up to a certain weight and/or a certain length. You’ll need to be sure the opener you purchase can handle the weight and length of the gate you own.

Criteria #2: Power Source – The two chief options for powering your gate opener are electric and solar, with electric being far more common. You will either need to have electricity available at your gate’s location or opt for a solar-powered model.

Criteria #3: Safety Features – Auto-stop and auto-reverse features should be included for safety in the gate opener of your choice. Your gate is a relatively heavy piece of equipment that you don’t want running into something precious standing in its way.

Criteria #4: Price – We’re not here to make you spend a ton of money for no reason. Meeting this criterion is less about being cheap and more about justifying your price. We’d rather buy an expensive product that’s cheaper than it should be than waste money on a cheaper product that isn’t worth the money and that will just break on you or not perform well.

First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Sliding Gate Openers

We used the criteria above and also looked and customer reviews too. Did any reviewers have problems with the gate openers? Did any of them email the company’s customer support? 

Our research has found that these gates below are some of the best products available for the price. So, without further ado, here are some of the best sliding gate openers for your examination.

#1: TOPENS CK700 Sliding Gate Opener (Best Value – All Purpose)

The number one best gate opener available for the price is the Topens CK700 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener. Topens comes out on top for a few reasons. First, it has a reasonable price point. It’s not too expensive, but not too cheap either. It’s the perfect balance.

So, what does this gate opener include? 

It has all the features you need in an opener and includes full mounting hardware. You can install it yourself with readily available tools in just a few hours.

This electric unit is suitable for any common type. It works well for gates made of steel, wood, or vinyl, whether they be tube type, panel style, or chain link gates.

Another feature you’ll appreciate from the best gate available for this price is its power. This sliding gate closer can open gates up to 1,600 lbs. In addition, it opens any gate up to 40 feet in length. Using its 300W 2/5 HP AC motor, it is one of the strongest sliding gate openers out there.

See How The TOPENS CK700 Sliding Gate Opener Works

You also want to look for ease of use when purchasing any home gate opening products. This gate has an easy switch and a remote control. It can automatically close as well with a time delay of up to 99 seconds. If there’s an obstruction, the gate will stop and reverse direction to prevent harm or damage to whatever is in its way.

You can open it just part way using “pedestrian mode”. This will move the gate just far enough so people can pass through but not a whole vehicle. You can adjust the width of the gap as needed.

What if the power goes down? Are you stuck inside or outside your property? No, in the case of a power outage, you can use the manual release key and move the gate by hand.

Overall, it’s the most balanced out of all the home sliding gate openers. But don’t just take our word for it. What do the reviews say?

This gate has had a glowing reception. Some say it’s one of the best home sliding gate openers available for the price. People point out its ease of use, how detailed the instructions are, and how customer service has your back should something happen to the gate. 

Complaints are minimal, such as one reviewer saying that the gate doesn’t open fast enough. There are a few negative reviews, with some saying this gate is flimsy or stopped working. It’s unknown if they contacted customer service. Negative reviews had responses from the company, so it seems they are looking out for their customers.

TOPENS gives you a 12-month warranty and offers free product return and exchange within 30 days of your purchase. This should give you some peace of mind if you’re one who tends to worry about things going wrong.

#2: Eagle 1000 FSC 1/2 HP Sliding Gate Opener (Best for Residential & Businesses)

This sliding electric gate opener is a little more expensive, but it has features that you might want that you can’t get at a lower price. For those who have higher budget limits, or for those who own a residential area or a business, this is one you should consider buying. Cheaper ones are good for the home, but if your building is going to have people coming in and out of it, you’re going to need a heavy-duty unit.

This is meant for gates that have a gate weight of 600 pounds or maximum length of 27 feet, making it good for most smaller installations. You get everything you need from this automatic gate open/close machine, including two remotes, a sensor, and a 5-year warranty. Note that the warranty is only extended to residential customers.

This is also a quiet gate opener as well. Cheaper gates tend to be a little loud, but this one purrs like a cat. It also has a fail-safe in case of a power outage, using a “Fail Secure Crank” to open the gate manually.

Finally, this gate is designed for easy installation. You don’t have to worry about spending hours figuring it out.

Reviews have been positive, but as of this writing, there aren’t too many to examine. They reflect the easy to install aspect of this gate. Check it out if you own a business.

#3: TOPENS DK1000S (Best Solar Gate)

TOPENS appears a second time on our list – this time with one of their solar-powered gates.

For years, many have craved more solar-powered electronics. The idea of everything being powered by the sun is just too good to pass up. We’re still far away from a solar-powered world, but not in regards to the sliding gate. 

This sliding gate opener opens any gate up to 40 feet. It’s 350 watt, 1/2 HP DC motor can handle a gate weighing up to 1,800 pounds. While you can use AC power to operate this gate opener, what really makes this model attractive, especially if you live in an area with lots of sunshine, is that you can rig it to use a battery connected to solar panels. While the panels are included, the battery is not.

Many of this gate’s other features are similar to our number one TOPENS gate described above. “Soft start and soft stop” technology should extend the life of the opener. You can adjust the auto-close time from zero to 90 seconds.

If you’re looking for a solar gate opener for a fair price, this is the best one available.

Reviews have been very positive, with most owners being satisfied with the opener. People have had no problems with customer support from the manufacturer and have received a reply within days concerning any issues.

Here is the user manual.

#4: CO-Z (Best Low Cost)

This is one of the cheapest openers available at Amazon, and for the price, it offers quite a lot. It opens a gate weighing up to 1,800 pounds and with a maximum length of 43 feet. It has other features you expect from a quiet – under 56dB – sliding gate opener, such as a quiet motor and the ability for you to open it with a remote control from a range of up to 100 feet.

You can add up to 23 more remotes to the system, in case you have a lot of users, as might be the case for a small- or medium-sized business.

As is common with gate openers, it has emergency auto-stop and the ability to set the auto-close time to 12, 24, or 36 seconds of delay. The manufacturer includes a 1 year warranty and pledges a 1 year return and exchange service.

Reviews have been positive, with most saying it’s one of the best gate openers available for the price. Negative reviewers say it’s hard to install and doesn’t work half the time, but these are in the minority.

#5: ALEKO AR1450 (Best for Long Gates)

Sliding gate openers work for gates that are decently long, typically ranging from 20 to 40 feet. What if you have a gate that is 50 feet long? Check out the ALEKO AR1450. This opener can help you to open gates up to 50 feet with a weight up to 1,400 pounds.

It does have remote codes, and it can handle up to 100 remotes – even more if you implement an external receiver that is sold separately. These features make it useful for larger businesses that need to secure their outdoor property.

Besides that, it has pretty much everything you’d expect from a sliding electric gate opener, from closing automatically if there’s an obstruction to having an aluminum alloy chassis that prevents corrosion

Reviews are mostly positive. Most say that it’s a powerful gate opener at a good price. One reviewer mentioned that you do need to purchase extra sensors for the obstruction detection feature to work properly.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

These come at the lowest price available. Many of them are a little suspect in quality, with some having no product name or rights reserved to them, but they may help you when you’re in a pinch and can’t afford the higher priced units we review above.

#1: Best Under $200: OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener 1400Lbs

This product has all the features you’d expect from a gate opening product, all for a cheap price. The seller claims to have years of experience, as well as giving a long warranty to customers.

It has a power output of 200W and 110V AC, 60Hz power supply. It may be an effective product. But for the price that’s available, we say to give it a try, or at least shoot them an email and see if you can learn more.

#2: Best Under $105: Gate Opener from Alibaba

Gate Opener from Alibaba

Usually, when we see this product on Alibaba or similar sites, it tricks you by having $150 shipping, making it no longer a cheapie. However, this one has a shipping price of a dollar. It claims to be your typical gate controller, complete with a Bluetooth remote.

No reviews are available as of this post. Because it’s such a cheap price, many will rightfully believe that you get what you pay for. But if you’re in a pinch, it may be the best one available for that price. Contact the seller through their email address and see.

#3: Best Under $90: Another Product from Alibaba

Another Product from Alibaba

Same old song and dance here. This is a suspiciously cheap one for a very small price. It has no reviews available either, but again, contact the seller through their email address and inquire.

Also, many of these products come directly from China, so it may take longer for the product to arrive than if you ordered from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer Question: How Much Does it Cost to Install a these Gate Opener?

Hiring a professional to install an electronic sliding gate opener can be quite expensive, with the going rate being around $1,500. With the opener kits on this list, you don’t have to pay that price, as they’re easy enough to install all by yourself or with the help of a friend.

How Do Sliding Gate Openers Work Exactly?

We’re not scientists, so we can’t go into the nitty-gritty details. To simplify, an electronic gate opener works by using a chain, which is controlled by a motorized operator. This chain opens and closes the gate when you activate it using the remote control. As noted above, most systems have an auto-close feature built in.

How Do You Install these Gate Opener?

Simply put, you follow the instructions. If you need more clarity, you can email or call the company. Watching tutorials on YouTube may be of value in some cases.

We like how these gates openers work and the security benefits they give for homes and businesses. Here you can see for yourself how sliding gates work.

Even though we love these sliding gate openers we also review some more brands here.

Verdict: Your Best Sliding Gate Opener

In conclusion, here are the products from 1 to 5.

First, we have TOPENS Sliding Gate Opener. This is the most balanced product available, offering a fair price for all the essential features.

Second, we have Eagle 1000 FSC. This has a higher price but has a ton of unique features, including an LED monitor that tells you when something goes wrong with the gate.

Third, there’s the TOPENS DK1000S. This is one of the best solar unites available for the price, allowing you to open and close the gate with the power of the sun.

Fourth, we have CO-Z. It’s a more affordable gate, offering you the essentials for a lower price.

Finally, we have the Aleko. This model is especially useful for long gates. It closes automatically and is available for a fair price.

There you have it. May your gates open wide and close just as well. We hope that this gate guide has opened your eyes. We hope it made you want to slide over to your nearest retailer for more details. 

Do we really need more gate puns? We’re open to the idea, but for now, we’ll shut them off. 

Feel free to share this article, but don’t copy it. All rights reserved and all that.