The Absolute Best Sliding Gate Opener (2020 Updated)

You know that a sliding gate opener would be awesome. The security … the convenience. Yeah, you need to get one.

But how the hell do you get the right one? Right size, right function, right brand … right price??

We’ve compiled this simple guide to the best sliding gate openers on the market right now, so you can quickly pick which one’s right for you, and get sliding!

Carry on reading or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Sliding Gate Openers

We looked at the price and the features available. We looked in detail at the reviews too. How many reviews had problems with the gates working? Did any of them email customer support? Our research has found that these gates below are some of the best products available for the price.

#1: TOPENS Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit (Best Value – All Purpose)

The number 1? The best gate available for the price is Topens Automatic Sliding Gate Opener. Topens, well, comes out on top, and for a few reasons. First, it’s moderate in price. It’s not too expensive, but not too cheap, either. It’s the perfect balance.

So, what does this gate have available? Let’s take a look. It has all the features you need in a gate, such as its versatility. If you need a gate opened, this electric unit is suitable for any type. It works well for steel, wood, you name it.

Another feature you’ll come to expect from the best gate available for this price is its power. This sliding gate closer can open gates up to 1,600 lbs. In addition, it opens any gate up to 40′. Using its 300W 2/5 HP AC motor, it is one of the strongest sliding gate openers out there.

You also want to look for ease of use when purchasing any home gate opening products. This gate has an easy switch, a remote control, and you can easily adjust it so that the gate opens up all the way or just a few feet. It can automatically close as well, and if there’s an obstruction, the gate will close.

Overall, it’s the most balanced out of all the home sliding gate openers. But don’t take our word for it. What do the reviews say?

This gate has had glowing reception. Some say it’s one of the best home sliding gate openers available for the price. People point out its ease of use, how detailed the instructions are, and how customer service has your back should something happen to the gate. Complaints are minimal, such as one reviewer saying that the gate doesn’t open fast enough.

There are a few negative reviews, with some saying this gate is flimsy or stopped working. It’s unknown if they contacted customer service. Most negative reviews had responses by the company, so it seems they are looking out for their customers.

#2: Eagle 1000 FSC 1/2 (Best Machine)

This sliding electric gate opener is a little more expensive, being over a grand. For people who have higher budgets, or for those who own a residential area or a business, this is one you should buy. Cheaper ones are good for the home, but if your building is going to have people coming in and out of it, you’re going to need a heavy-duty unit.

This is meant for gates that have a gate weight of 600 pounds or 27 feet, making it good for most smaller gates. You get everything you need from this automatic gate open/close machine, including two remotes, a sensor, and a 5-year warranty.

This is also a quiet gate opener as well. Ones for a cheaper price tend to be a little loud, but this one purrs like a cat with subtlety. It also has a fail-safe in case of a power outage, using a crank to open the gates manually.

Finally, this gate is designed for easy installation. You don’t have to worry about spending hours figuring it out.

Reviews have been positive, but there aren’t too many. They reflect the easy to install aspect of this gate. Check it out if you own a business.

#3: TOPENS DK1000S (Best Solar Gate)

For years, many have craved more solar-powered electronics. The idea of everything being powered by the sun is just too good to pass up. We’re still far away from a solar-powered world, but not in regards to the sliding gate. This sliding gate opener opens any gate up to 40 feet. If you’re looking for a solar gate opener for a fair price, this is the best one available.

Reviews have been very positive, with most people satisfied with the product. People have had no problems with customer support from the manufacturer, and receiving a reply within days concerning any issues.

#4: CO-Z (Best Low Cost)

This is one of the cheapest openers available on Amazon, and for the price, it offers quite a lot. The gate weight it opens is up to 1,800 pounds, and it has other features you expect from a quiet sliding gate opener, such as a quiet motor and the ability for you to open it with a remote control from a range of up to 100 feet.

Reviews have been positive, with most saying it’s one of the best gate openers available for the price. Negative reviews say it’s hard to install and doesn’t work half the time, but these are in the minority.

#5: ALEKO AR1450 (Best for Long Gates)

Sliding gate openers work for gates that are decently long, but they typically range from 20-40 feet. What if you have a gate that is 50 feet? Then you’ll get this one. This opener can help you to open gates up to 50 feet and 1,400 pounds. It does have remote codes, and it can carry up to 100 remotes.

Besides that, it has pretty much everything you’d expect from a sliding electric gate opener, from closing automatically if there’s an obstruction to durability. Reviews are mostly positive. Most say that it’s a powerful gate opener at a good price. However, one reviewer said you do need to purchase extra sensors for the obstruction detection feature to work properly.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

These come at the lowest price available. Many of them are a little suspect in quality, with some having no product name or rights reserved to them, but they may help you when you’re in a pinch and can’t afford the higher priced units.

#1: Best Under $200: Kaiezen 1400lbs Sliding Gate Opener

This product has all the features you’d expect from a gate opening product, all for a cheap price. The seller claims to have years of experience, as well as giving a long warranty to customers.

However, we cannot find any reviews on this. Therefore, it’s wise for you to be cautious. It may be an effective product, but it may also be a dud. But for the price that’s available, we say to give it a try, or at least shoot them an email and see if you can learn more.

#2: Best Under $105: Gate Opener from Alibaba

Usually, when we see this product on Alibaba or similar sites, it tricks you by having $150 shipping, making it no longer a cheapie. However, this one has a shipping price of a dollar. It claims to be your typical gate controller, complete with a Bluetooth remote.

No reviews are available as of this post. Because it’s such a cheap price, many will rightfully believe that you get what you pay for. But if you’re in a pinch, it may be the best one available for that price. Contact the seller through their email address and see.

#3: Best Under $90: Another Product from Alibaba

Same old song and dance here. This is a suspiciously cheap one for a very small price. It has no reviews available either, but again, contact the seller through their email address and inquire.

Also, many of these products come directly from China, so it may take longer for the product to arrive than if you ordered from Amazon.

#4: Best Under $25: Automatic Electric

Is it possible to find a gate closer for a price that’s cheaper than a meal for two? Yes, it is. At least, according to this eBay seller who has one available for $22. Usually, if you see one for this cheap, it ends up having $300 shipping, but this one has free shipping.

Being so cheap, it’s probably not going to work very well for the price. There are no reviews available as of this post. However, it may end up being decent. Contact the seller at their email address and see if you can learn more about it.

Buyer Question: How Much Does it Cost to Install a Sliding Gate Opener?

Installing an electronic sliding gate opener can be quite expensive, going for around $1,500. With these opener kits on this list, you don’t have to pay that price, as they’re easy to do yourself.

How Do Sliding Gate Openers Work Exactly?

We’re not scientists, so we can’t go into the nitty-gritty details. To simplify, an electronic gate opener works by using a chain, which is controlled by an operator. This chain can open and close the gate.

How Do You Install a Sliding Gate Opener?

Follow the instructions. For more clarity, email, or call the company. Or watch tutorials on YouTube.

We like how our sliding gate works and the security benefits. You can see how for yourself how a sliding gate works. Even though we love our sliding gate there is an alternative using a swing gate. See our review of the best mighty mule gate opener for more options.

Verdict: Your Best Sliding Gate Opener

In conclusion, here are the products from 1 to 5.

First, we have TOPENS Electric Gate Opener Kit. This is the most balanced product available, offering a fair price for all the essential features.

Second, we have Eagle 1000 FSC 1/2. This has a high price but has a ton of unique features, include an LED monitor that tells you everything wrong with the gate.

Third, there’s the TOPENS DK1000S. This is one of the best solar unites available for the price, allowing you to open and close the gate with the power of the sun.

Fourth, we have CO-Z. It’s a more affordable gate, offering you the essentials for a lower price.

Finally, we have the Aleko AR1450NOR-M. This is for long gates, it closes automatically and available for a fair price.

There you have it. May your gates open wide and close just as well. We hope that this gate guide has opened your eyes. We hope it made you want to slide over to or email your nearest retailer for more details. Do we really need more gate puns? We’re open to the idea, but for now, we’ll shut them off. Feel free to share this article, but don’t copy it. All rights reserved and all that.

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