The Absolute Best Smonet Security Camera (2021 Review)

Smonet security camera for your home safetyIs a Smonet security camera really the best security system for your home and safety?

Due to the rising threats across the world, let alone in the US, security has become one of the biggest concerns for home and business owners. One of the best deterrents for such activities include installing an extensive security camera system.

However, a question arises; which camera is the best? Which security camera review can give you a better idea of the best option for you and your loved ones safety?

For that very reason, we have been reviewing some of the best security cameras that you can buy from a number of providers, including Lorex, Reolink, Amcrest, and more.

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Here, we will review some of the best Smonet security camera that you can buy on the market for 2020 and beyond. The goal of this review is to help you make an informed decision about the camera you buy.

So, let’s take a closer look.

How Did We Selected The Best Smonet Security Cameras?

We have always adopted an objective approach toward all the security cameras we review, and the same is applicable for Smonet as well. Smonet has always been known to combine power, quality and results into its security camera systems, be it just a simple webcam, baby monitors or professional security cameras.

Our objective approach toward this Smonet security camera review adapts the same principles as the ones we published before on other brands. We first read customer reviews and analyze as many in detail as possible. After that, we buy the ones that customers love most and try them out.

We looked at several different factors at the same time, including their utility, price tag and the functionality they offer against it, and more. Features, quality and reliability are some of our major considerations.

The goal is to bring every camera out there on one plane and then review it. To ensure every security camera gets the same in-depth research, we use our 6-point review system. The analysis includes:

  • A detailed look at customer reviews on different marketplaces. We blend the positive, average and negative reviews to determine which one is worth your time
  • The price and value each camera system provides for the money you pay
  • The features and quality of each camera system
  • While testing, we read up on reviews of expert critics and installers. This often includes calling our own and third-party installers as well
  • The overall utility each camera offers to the user. This is the last bit we look at and includes considering the design of each product, the possibilities and looking at any negative traits

Our Smonet Security Camera Reviews – The Top 4

Now that you know how we review, let’s look at the top 4 Smonet security cameras we believe would be suitable for you.

#1: Smonet 5MP Security Camera System (Most Versatile)

The first Smonet security camera system we’re going to review is perhaps one that is easily considered the best Smonet camera out there. It’s not an HD system, but is one that can easily be upgraded to whatever resolution you see fit.

By default, the cameras are 1280 x 720p, not 1080p. However that doesn’t mean that the picture quality is anything short of spectacular. Yes, it’s not the best compared to others on our list, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with – especially in the 720p range.

During a bright day, you can see as far as 65 feet with these cameras. Nearing sunset, you would think that this range will decrease but we found that, surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. At night, the camera struggles a bit with distance, but those who are close to your premises can easily be identified.

Thanks to the lower resolution, the video doesn’t take up much space. Without the subscription, its 2TB hard drive can hold a lot of footage before rewriting on top of it. You can extend this with a memory subscription service.

You can access your stored videos or live footage on the go on your PC or smartphone at any time. Just remember to set the functionality up. When set up, you can see all 8 cameras function at once in split screen!

When you purchase the system you get 8 720p cameras along with sufficient material to install the system. If, however, you’re going to cover a larger area, you might want to invest in a spool of electrical wire as well.

The cameras have an IP66 rating, making it not just waterproof but weather and dustproof as well.

While testing, we noticed that the camera system is best suited for the outdoors. When placed indoors in a dimly lit area, the camera struggles to capture more detail – thought it’s enough to identify people.

Another area where you might struggle is the installation. You can refer to the instructions provided within, but fair warning; they aren’t exactly very clear.

The motion detectors on the cameras are customizable, letting you draw where you want them to detect motion. This comes in handy when you’re trying to avoid moving branches or animals to set off alarms.

You get a 2-year warranty, including parts replacement, and lifetime technical support and updates.

#2: Smonet 16 Cam 5MP Surveillance Security Camera System (Best Video Quality)

This system is one that is revered for its impeccable video quality. The bullet cameras are 1080p, meaning the highest video quality and resolution.

Next come the colors, which are exceptionally clear. This clarity means with the right dedication, you can identify even the smallest license plates from far away. Provided you’re using a 1080p monitor to view the video, there is no static or distortion in the video, thus giving you a regular flow of video frame by frame.

These are perfect cameras not just for outdoor usage, but for indoor as well, thanks to the bright colors. Regardless of where you place the system, all it takes for you to see the video on your phone or laptop is the flick of a switch.

The cameras are plug and play, requiring only a SNC (single network cable) to run from its DVR all the way to the cameras. We recommend asking experts to install these cameras, since there should be no wires that intruders can cut.

The DVR has a built-in hard drive of 1TB, storing your 1080p videos in pique quality.

The only thing we didn’t like about the camera is that during the night, the same video becomes black and white due to night vision. Smonet cameras are among the most costly ones, and this one is no different.

However, the video quality and reliability of the 16 x IP66 cameras mean that they can take a beating even during the harshest weather.

This system comes with its own app to help you get a better view of what is going on around your house or place of business, since it allows remote access in 1080p. Whenever there is anything suspicious to report, you get email alerts and notifications on your phone.

Like the one we mentioned before, motion detectors are customizable here as well. You get a 2-year replacement warranty and lifetime technical support and updates. Another warranty addition is the 100% satisfaction guarantee offered by the manufacturer that includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#3: Smonet 16 Channel 5MP (Best Value for Money)

Smonet has always been adding more and more options for those in need of security cameras. A great addition to their product line is the 16-Channel system that is dedicated to home and office security.

This surveillance system helps you cover every inch of your property. The 16 1080p cameras are enough to set up the simplest or the most complicated security infrastructures out there. When away, you can let the 16-channel system be your eyes, thanks to the remote access provided by a dedicated app.

While some Smonet security cameras are made for indoor surveillance and some for the outdoors, these 16 cameras are made for both, indoor and outdoor use, thus being extremely versatile. If you look at the 16 1080p cameras, 1 TB hard disk drive, night vision and more, the price of this camera system is more than just justifiable; it’s actually a bargain.

This is why we found that this system provides the best value for money.

Motion sensors in these cameras are very quick to respond to threats and are smart at the same time. The number of false positives you get can be reduced significantly, thanks to the customizable nature of the sensors, not to mention how it focuses on size before giving you a warning. If the object is too small, the system understands that it is an animal.

The recorded video can be played back not just on the DVR, but remotely as well.

You get a two-year warranty with purchase along with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find it to your liking.

Unlike the other systems we’ve mentioned here, these cameras have an IP67 rating, which makes them even more resilient to weather, dust and water. Even if these cameras get submerged or freeze over, you can rest assured that if any camera can take it, these are the ones.

The only problem we found is that if you install all 16 of these cameras at once, the 1TB hard drive would be like a floppy disk for them. At 1080p, they are going to consume your storage space very quickly. So remember to invest in an alternative storage solution. Some customers have also found that the system takes a while to connect to the Wi-Fi.

We recommend this Smonet security camera system to be the one for an office or small business due to their durability, zonal setup, and good video and picture quality.

#4: SMONET 16 Channel 8 X 1920 TVL (Most Cost-Effective)

For everyday security needs and for those on a budget, you simply can’t go wrong with this security camera system. The two reasons we say this are – apart from the cost-effectiveness that this powerful camera system is, firstly, an HD camera featuring 1080P (at the price) and secondly, it is wireless, which makes cable management and installation much easier.

This security system gives you 8 cameras to begin with, and can upgradable to 16. The cameras are available in black and white so that they blend in with your aesthetic perfectly.

Installation of every individual camera only involves drilling a few holes (if applying to concrete, otherwise you can simply use screws). There is a power supply cable that needs to be installed, though, so if you’re not comfortable with concealed wiring, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

These cameras are IP66, which means they can also work outdoors. There is an NVR that you need to connect the cameras to via Wi-Fi. When doing that, use a network password that is difficult to guess.

Whether you want live-streaming or 24/7 recording, the NVR obliges. It has a 1TB internal storage drive that can store up to 12 days’ worth of recording, after which it rewrites on itself.

How does it store 12 days-worth of recording from 8 cameras? This is because of the H.264+ compression that maintains the quality but reduces the size … a lot.

The night vision is also very good quality for the price – perfect for those installing a system for the first time. The processor in its NVR is quite powerful and therefore there is minimum to no delay in video recall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Smonet Security Cameras Be Hacked?

Unfortunately, they can be hacked if you don’t have a strong enough password, which is why we mentioned to be careful with them above. We recommend using upper and lower case alphabets, figures and symbols in your password for better security.

Can I Use Smonet Surveillance Cameras as a Baby Monitor?

Many Smonet security cameras work exceptionally well indoors and in the dark. Furthermore, they have customizable motion sensors as well that you can program to sense motion in your baby’s crib, thus letting these cameras serve as baby monitors. Just remember that these are one-way cameras.

Wireless vs Wired Security Camera – Which Is Better?

Both, wired and wireless have their own pros and cons. When it comes to wired security cameras, they are rather tricky to install but are much more reliable and maintenance-free than wireless ones. Wireless cameras, on the other hand, are easier to install but require more maintenance. At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference. Many consider wireless to be better, many consider wired cameras to be better security.

Final Conclusion

The first security camera on our list is the Smonet 5MP Security Camera System due to its versatility and utility. You get loads of features within one system for a relatively lower cost, and the quality and durability of the camera system is commendable, to say the least.

#2 we believe could be a good match is the Smonet 16 Cam 5MP Surveillance System because of its impeccable video quality.

Then comes the Smonet 16 Channel 5MP, the camera that costs the most on our list but offers the best value for money too. From the video quality to coverage, storage and more, you can expect this Smonet security camera system to surpass your expectations, and then some!

And the final recommendation is the SMONET 16 Channel 8 X 1920 TVL. This is perfect for those of you on a budget, especially if you’re not ready to compromise on quality due to the low budget.