The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor For Your Babies Safety

As all parents would agree, baby monitors, are more than just a necessity today. They can help both working and stay-at-home parents keep an eye on their toddlers.

Even if you’re at home you can’t always be around your child. You need a diversion, and these baby monitors ensure you can both be away from and with them at the same time.

Advanced technology and innovation have brought additional convenience into our lives. There are a number of baby monitors around us today that come with amazing features. The latest additions in the market can go beyond expectations to deliver some pretty cool stuff.

A recent innovation has meant that we now have split-screen baby monitors to track two babies in different rooms. A typical dual-view baby monitor generates recordings from two different rooms at one time.

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In this guide article, we take a look at 5 of the best split-screen baby monitors and what makes them unique and special for monitoring your kids. But, before we do that, let us first take a look at the research we did to compile this list.

How We Selected Our Lineup for the Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

You can find a number of dual view baby monitors in the market today, once you start searching for them. So, how does an average buyer with a limited understanding of the tech behind these monitors make their choice? By going through our reviews!

We have run the hard miles for you and have included the following in our research:

  • Professional reviews by tech experts
  • Value for money provided by each monitor
  • Features of the different products and their prices
  • All public reviews available to us
  • And user-friendliness for parents with already a lot on their hands

The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

Without wasting any more of your time, we now head straight to the best split-screen baby monitor:

#1: Babysense Split Screen Monitor 4.3″ (Best Overall)

This Split Screen Baby Monitor is ideal for parents looking to keep an eye on their children. The monitor comes with a super stable, hack-free connection, which provides superior digital vision and sound for concerned parents looking to check up on their toddlers.

The split-screen baby monitor comes with 2 cameras that can help you monitor two kids simultaneously. The monitor also offers two-way communication technology, which allows you to respond to the babbling of your toddler when they wake up all of a sudden in the middle of the night or during their daytime napping sessions.

The ultra-long-range of 960 feet on this baby monitor allows you to move freely across the home without worrying about losing signals or transmission. On top of that, you also get frequent alerts about room temperature. Parents want to check up on their toddler’s room temperature at all times so that things are in line with what they would prefer.

The cutting-edge device also comes with an auto infrared night vision, which can help parents take a look at their child at nighttime, without having to walk all the way over to their room. The remote pan and tilt are controllable through the monitor and can be adjusted to focus on your kid.

The Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen baby monitor has been made through the best possible components and would definitely sweep you away with its battery timing and longevity. The built-in lullabies, night vision, split-screen cameras; two-way talkback communication, and perfect visual display make this ideal for parents.

#2: Babysense Video & Movement Baby Monitor (Best Premium Product)

The monitor comes with a high-capacity battery, which can provide over 12 hours of amazing operating time. The operating time comes in handy for parents who don’t have the time to charge their devices every now and then. This battery time can also be upgraded through the power-saving mode.

There is nothing more important than the safety of their child for parents. This split-screen baby monitor ensures that you’re able to keep an eye on your toddler(s) through a secure hack-free connection. The two-way audio communication gives you the luxury to talk to your kid and sing lullabies to them if they aren’t able to sleep.

No app installation, no security concern, and no tacky Wi-Fi installation. The monitor also comes with 5 built-in lullabies, comforting night vision, helpful customer service, and room temperature monitoring. Definitely the device for most parents!

#3: Motorola CONNECT-2 Portable 5″ Video Baby Monitor (Best for Wi-Fi)

This video baby monitor is an amazing device for parents to keep an eye on their toddlers. The portable 5-inch video baby monitor comes with Wi-Fi support and two cameras and can help you keep an eye on your toddlers through a handheld parent unit and through your compatible smartphone, computer, or tablet.

The cameras can be stuck anywhere with a StarGrip (sold separately), which allows you to position it almost anywhere your baby is.

The cameras can be connected with the Hubble app when you’re away from home to receive sound, temperature, and motion notifications to your viewing device. The parent unit is quite impressive and ergonomic and will give you decent output.

The large 5-inch monitor screen can help you easily monitor two kids at one time, while the audio support available to you allows you to speak back to your toddler from your room. You can also tilt, zoom and pan the camera from the Hubble app or the monitor.

The monitor is compatible with Wi-Fi and comes with 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless connectivity. This connectivity helps you view the feed from home through the monitor and outside through a connected smartphone.

The parent unit, or the monitor, in this system is ergonomic to hold and can help you speak to your toddler with a little press of a button. The cameras are portable and can be recharged based on your own feasibility. A single recharge will provide you with 3 hours of camera time.

The Babysense under the mattress baby movement monitor is a highly sensitive device that can detect and communicate the slightest movements through the toddler’s mattress. The monitor comes with enhanced sensitivity and reduced risks or chances of false alarms.

Its detector can immediately sound an alarm and alert the baby to see if there have been any movements during the last 20 seconds. The monitor will also alert you if the movement rate slows down to less than 10 per minute. The sensor can be passively placed under your toddler’s mattress and does not come in direct contact with your kid.

The dual view baby monitor itself provides you a sense of calmness knowing that your babies are safe. You can automatically pan, tilt and zoom into the output to alter the angle you’re getting. The digital vision and sound are extremely stable and will give you a precise idea of how your kids are doing.

#4: Moonybaby Split Screen Video Baby Monitor (Best Night Vision)

Moonybaby is another prominent provider working in the baby care industry. Their products accompany newborn babies from their birth to adolescence. You can use two cameras with the Moonybaby Split 60-2 Video Baby Monitor, as it can record and display a feed from two locations at one time.

You will be shocked to see just how clear the output is and how everything from a slight change of sides to excessive crying is recorded simultaneously.

The 4.3-inch large screen comes accompanied by a remote tilt, pan, and zoom camera with a high-resolution display. The monitor also comes with auto night vision, a wide-angle lens, zoom functions, and a lot more. The visual clarity allows you to see your baby sleeping and playing in their room, whether it is during the night or the day.

The split-screen feature on this baby monitor can be handy for parents with a single kid in the house as well. As your baby grows up, they will probably turn more adventurous and learn how to run around the house.

Hence, you will most definitely need more than one camera to keep an eye on them. The screen split option is easy to implement and can help you use your monitor to keep an eye on output from both cameras.

The Moonybaby Split 60-2 Video Baby Monitor also provides a two-way talkback function that allows you to communicate with your toddler regardless of where you are. You can sing your kid a lullaby if they suddenly wake up from their sleep while you’re busy cooking dinner in the kitchen.

The monitor is a dual-purpose device for parents looking for a decent split-screen baby monitor in the market. The package includes a Babysense video monitor with V43 split, 2 PTZ Cameras, and a Babysense 7 baby movement mattress monitor. All of these applications come together to give you the best toddler care experience possible.

The 2 surveillance cameras that come with this monitor help with detecting the movement of one child and also seeing how twins are doing in separate rooms.

Getting visual display on your monitor is also a no-hassle job, as you can immediately get the monitor to relay transmission from your toddler’s room. The camera automatically connects to the monitor’s display as soon as you turn it on.

#5: VAVA Baby Monitor Split View

VAVA revealed its amazing and acclaimed 5-inch baby monitor with a 720p IPS screen back in 2019.

The device was received positively by most parents, who loved the amazing display and coverage that it offered. VAVA has been closely associated with the infant industry and aims to provide smart solutions that make parents worry less and keep babies safe.

Their range of baby care products is quite revolutionary and goes down well with parents looking to provide the best products to their infant.

This VAVA Baby Monitor Split View allows you to care for 2 babies at one time, without being present. The monitor features a split-screen that allows you to gather live feed from two cameras in two different rooms. You can view both babies side by side, and rest assured knowing that both your toddlers are safe. The clarity provided by the 5 inch 720P IPS screen is beyond perfect and helps you maintain a stringent eye on your young ones.

The VAVA Baby Monitor Split View also comes with amazing audio and visual support to give you the ability to instantly soothe and calm down your toddlers from afar. You’re instantaneously alerted whenever one of your toddlers cries. The good part is that the audio switches from one screen to another every 15 seconds. So, you can always hear how both your toddlers are doing at 15-second intervals.

There is also built-in mic support to soothe the babies without being present besides them. You can sing them a lullaby until they are peacefully asleep.

The automatic night vision support in this split-screen baby monitor is also a relief for most parents. The monitor comes with automatic night vision, which can give clear infrared images to help you see all movements at night. You don’t have to repeatedly wake up and walk to your toddler at night, as the image feed provided by the monitor helps do the job.

The VAVA Baby Monitor Split View also comes with a cute zoom-in option. You can zoom in to your toddler’s cheek, nose, or eyes to see if they have been crying or not. The 2X/4X zoom gives you amazing clarity.

The baby monitor can capture a full day’s activity due to its brilliant 4500mAh battery. The battery can last 18 hours with only audio and can provide 10 hours of full audio and screen footage. This is enough to cover the time you spend at work.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Split Screen Baby Monitor

What Is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor, also previously known as a baby alarm, is an audio-visual display screen that helps you view your baby at all times and listen to the sounds they make. A baby monitor basically consists of a camera that is used to record the baby and the monitor itself which displays information recorded by the camera.

This can be handy for parents with lots to do inside their home, but who can possibly ignore the needs of their toddlers? With split-screen baby monitors, the workings are almost the same, besides the addition of another camera. A split-screen baby monitor has two cameras instead of one, and the monitoring device is split into two screens with visual coverage from each room.

The audio transmission usually shifts between the two rooms on your command or through 15-second intervals. So, if any of the babies cry during the night, you will be alerted.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dual View Baby Monitor?

There are multiple factors you should consider before buying a dual-view baby monitor. Some of these include:

Night Vision

One feature all parents want badly, and one we have made sure is present in a majority of the monitors we have reviewed in this article is night vision. Night vision basically allows you to track down and see your baby at night time. Usually, even with a baby monitor, moms have to go all the way to the toddler’s room at nighttime to check on them. This is required because baby monitors display a blank image in the dark.

A good split screen baby monitor should have night vision in place to give you infrared vision when you need it. Just check in on your kid from your room and don’t disturb your sleep.

Screen Size

Screen size matters more in split-screen baby monitors than it does with single-screen monitors. You need additional screen space to compensate for the two camera visuals being displayed on the screen.


The talkback feature allows parents the ability to talk back to their toddlers without having to go to their room. They can sing a lullaby or just virtually cheer the kid back to sleep if they wake up in the night.

Verdict: Your Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

Here’s a brief summary of the products we’ve recommended in this guide:

Our #1 recommendation, the Babysense Split Screen Monitor 4.3 is best for monitoring twins or 2 babies at the same time. The picture quality and screen size are perfect for keeping an eye on two cameras at one time.

The Motorola 2 Portable 5″ Video Baby Monitor comes with exceptional Wi-Fi connectivity and can be connected to a mobile app to keep you in sync with your toddler(s).

If you want the best night vision camera get the Moonybaby Split 60-2 Video Baby Monitor can give up to 12 hours plus battery time on a single charge. It is best for parents who don’t have time to charge the device frequently.